no groom trixie!!! only groom dennis!!! and by groom i meen pet and kiss!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel it wuz not all fun and games over the thanksgiving holiday their wuz also sum seeryus bizness wot got dun for instanse trixie got a grooming followd by anuther bath!!! the horror!!! now of korse first i had to chek it owt to mayk shoor their wuz no funny bizness going on like sumbuddy handing owt treets withowt letting me no abowt it:

nope no treets gitting handed owt ok kerry on brush brush brush ok thats enuf grooming trixie time to pay attenshun to dennis!!!

oh sorry trixie did i shuv yoo owt of the way and nok yoo down??? that wuz verry rood of me!!! i wil never do it agin!!!

wel yoo no never is a verry verry strong wurd ha ha ok bye

29 thoughts on “no groom trixie!!! only groom dennis!!! and by groom i meen pet and kiss!!!

  1. Hello Dennis the Vizsla,

    That was another one of your rescue missions WELLLLLL DONEEEEE!!! Your sister must have been so thankful to you for saving her not once, but twice! Good man!

    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade


  2. Dennis! Momma is in something called “training” and for reasons I do not understand I did not get to read your bloggy until NOW which is way too long to wait for my daily dose of Dennis.

    Imagine my surprise to see you acting kind of like, well, my annoying brother. He always does that super cute tail wag smoochie thing when I am getting my special attentions (of course unlike Trixie, I try to bite his head off).

    I think perhaps you need to work on your meditations skills a bit more.



  3. Trixie,

    Calvert will now be made to watch the video of you sitting nice and still while you’re being groomed. You’re such a good girl.


    You poor baby, you get not attention!

    Mom to N&C


  4. How long will the Beauiful Trixie’s patience with her goof-ball brothers hold out? Is it limitless or . . . .will Dennis or Tucker get a big toothsome surprise one of these days.

    Go, Trixie!



  5. Dennis, I don’t know why my mom kept laughing when she was watching that. She said something about you and I possibly being related! For the record, if I were trying to get attention I would use more cuteness and less pushiness!



  6. I love how he thinks a wagging tail will get him everywhere…

    and that last appearance is his standing ovation!

    clap clap clap clap! applause applause!
    wild dingo


  7. Hi Dennis!

    I do the same things! Except instead of squeezing between your dada and Trixie, I squeeze between my mom and her laptop and textbooks. Man, I hate when my mom does work.



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