46 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: No Face For You

  1. Dennis, what on earth are they doing to you? This is an absolute outrage – don’t even pose with that on for treats!!!
    One day we will get our own back……….oh, we forgot, you already have – now we remember all that damage!
    Martha & Bailey xxxx


  2. Jeez, first they cut your balls off then the b*stards rub your nose in it. Gggrrrr 👿

    Well, let them have their fun. My day will come. Oh yes, just you wait !!!


  3. We will always love you, Dennis, no matter what garish neckware you have on, no matter what you destroy, no matter where you takes us. You are it for us.

    Stella and Ali Z


  4. Hey Dennis! I have the same Necklace. It is my collar of doom! My mom thinks it is soooo funny to put it on me. I am not amused. Neither is Charlie, the cat. She got him one too.

    Why do they do this to us?

    Your friend Quizz


  5. Hi Dennis – we agree totally! We’re just finding out first-paw about this human obsession with dressing us up with daft adornments at this time of the year – yikes! Oh, oh – and a huge thank you for our award this week – blush! – we were thrilled and can’t wait to post about it!! Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.


  6. Dennis, what a handsome profile you have! Sometimes it’s better to give them a distinguished look and make people wonder what you were thinking — even if it was really about how to get rid of that foofy collar!



  7. You really do look very nice, Dennis, although we much prefer you with a Fedora to a necklace. Hey, we thought we saw you at the Petsmart Daycare today, well, we weren’t there but Mom and the oldest grandbiped were. Mom was going to take a pic but she was worried they might think she was a pupnapper or something.

    woos, the OP Pack


  8. Hi Dennis! That is bad!!!! Dunno why they aren’t satisfied to put stuff like that on us why is there always a camera thingy involved as well 😦 Remember when you offered me so generously to give me one of your fedoras to cover up my tiara on my birthday? Sorry I don’t have fedoras but my mom has a whole collection of scarfs – I would go through the trouble of stealing one for you! HONESTLY!
    Woof woof Teal’c


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