The Vizsla Invasion of Planet Petco

Having gone back to the future with Doc Brown only to discover that the Earth has been overrun by human/Konglek hybrids, we have traveled through space and time back to the place where I originally met the Kongleks in a last-ditch attempt to put things right.  If we fail now, then we will have to face the possibility that there will be no more fetch, no more flyball, no more agility.  But there will be plenty of Kongs to chew on, so either way it will not be a complete disaster, at least, not for me.

We arrive at Planet Petco as expected, but the Kongleks are nowhere to be seen. Is this a good sign, or an ominous one?

The crabby Doc Brown and I exit the vehicle and cautiously make our way into Petco Palace, where we find a very strange encounter in progress:

The trusting and innocent Logan, unaware of the truly evil nature of the Kongleks, takes them up on their offer and scurries off to borrow the TARDIS, leaving the Kongleks alone with the Doghouse of Justice — the very same vehicle in which I have been traveling through space and time for these many months.

This explains everything — my inability to control the Doghouse of Justice, the bizarre changes that have occurred in space and time, the Konglek conquest of earth; and no doubt it is also their fault that human runner was able to beat me at flyball! It was not my fault at all!  What a tremendous relief!  Still, we must stop Logan from getting back in the Doghouse of Justice after he returns to Planet Petco. Doc Brown and I hurry outside, where we intercept Logan just as he emerges from the TARDIS after retrieving my fedora from the Planet of the Stuffies.

Traveling in Doc Brown’s DeLorean, we deposit Logan back in his proper time, and me back in mine, where Doc Brown and I bid each other a fond farewell. Well, a farewell, anyway.

I agree to have the university reimburse Doc Brown for the damage to his car, and he departs in a puff of blue smoke. I return to my office, having once again saved the world. After these months of bouncing around space and time, resuming my archeology career may seem dull; but to me it will be a welcome respite between adventures. And there will be more adventures, I am sure of that; because I am Dennis the Vizsla, and I never give up.

Meanwhile, back on Planet Petco …

22 thoughts on “The Vizsla Invasion of Planet Petco

  1. I am going to read your archives to put this post in better context. This is my first visit to your blog I connected through Shadow’s blog.

    Kindest regards,
    Tom Bailey


  2. Wait a minute, Dennis. At the beginning, you spoke about no more Fetch, Flyball or Agility on Earth. Now I don’t care about Flyball or Agility, but the sooner you can eliminate Fetch from this earth, the better off all dogs will be. That and temperature taking at the vets. Get serious about stuff like this, will you, Dennis . . .NOW?



  3. Dennis…I liked the Kong aliens!!! I Love Kongs-so maybe I’d get along with them!

    I’m glad you found your fedora!



    ps…can I get your address so I can send you a christmas card!!


  4. Whew! Dennis, if it weren’t for You and Your ever-heroic deeds, I don’t think I’d ever catch a wink of sleep. And wow! You know Logan???! I love Logan! THANK YOU, good Sir!!! Cheers All and Breathe easy….Dennis the Vizsla’s here! 🙂


  5. i’m thinking you’re going to need help with this time travel thing. have you considered contacting Bill and Ted? I hear they have a time machine as well, though i’m not sure how much help they’d be.


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