39 thoughts on “Letters From Santa

  1. Dennis… you forgot rule #1… “Know who you’re f&*%ing with.” On the other hand, with Trouble and Tucker in the same mess as you, my guess is that you can figure some way to get presents.



  2. Oh dear!!! Well first off we think Tucker can make a discrimination claim – I mean just cos he looks like you Dennis!
    Don’t worry, we will write to Santa and explain. You are always nice to us and we can tell Santa that you are into alternative humour – then he will understand.
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xxx


  3. Oh oh! Sorry about that ya’ll! I might be on that list too…just thinking….after all, I tried to eat Santa’s hat the other day…opps!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose


  4. Hi there Dennis:

    I am sorry to hear about this mess you are in. But hurray for the Beautiful Trixie for being a good girl all year. . .exemplary behavior.

    So you asked the Santa Cat that was filling in for Ali Z today if he could get you off the naughty list. He said he had to check with his supervisor, the Santa Commander of the USA and he said he would get back to you as soon as he hears. Uh, Dennis, this is NOT a small matter.



    1. Dennis, perhaps I should have mentioned in my earlier letter there may be a substantial fine involved as well as incarceration.

      Certainly not what any of us want to see happen to our buddy Dennis, and we will hopefully work this out.



  5. OOOOOps – sorry to read about your sad state of affairs – maybe Trixie will share heheheh???? Nah, that doesn’t sound right.
    xo Sammie
    PS – maybe I’m on that list as well? Oh dear.


  6. Dennis
    Hehehehe.do not despaiw..in my house Santa comes on Decembew 6 and bwings little tweats, but the big deal is on Chwissmuss and the pwesents awe bwought by the angels,,so you’we safe
    smoochie kisses


  7. We think you might have a serious case there of someone having stolen Santa’s identity – total spam letter – ignore it – we know for certain that you are very high on Santa’s list of the nice, not naughty.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder


  8. Um. I think now would be a Really Good Time to go into a witness protection program. Either that or have head transplants so you all look like Trixie. Or, worst case scenario, see if Santa Claws would take a public apology and forgive and forget… However, I’m going to keep my distance, in case Santa thinks I’m more than just a casual acquaintance!

    *distant kissey face*


  9. But it’s ok, because the dogs will just pretend that their coal is a ball and play with it anyway. And Trixie is nice so she will share her gift. Only Trouble loses out. Maybe Maggie will sneak a present to you. (Us Vizslas have to stick together, ‘specially if we’re so identical- Mags)


  10. That Santa guy is pretty smart. I’m pretty sure Wild Dingo will be receiving similar letters! Loki & Juno will be joining the Vizla’s and Trouble in the Dog-Coal house!
    wild dingo


  11. Dennis
    Santa is trouble. You saw on my blog how he responded to me? I think he’s dipped into the egg nog one too many times.. dementia set in. I mean.. trixie.. how can a dog with a hooker’s name be on the good list. Oh… I get it now.


  12. Well…Santa will think twice before gives the presents :))
    Yupiiiiiiii Trixie 😀 Keep being a good girl.
    Funny post,Dennis 🙂

    Enjoy your day!!!


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