noo feetcher!!! its the sunday awards and meem show!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay i hav had an ideea for a noo feetcher wot i hav never dun before i am going to call it the sunday awards and meem show!!!

ha ha trixie is always mayking up storeez like that!!! she is not like me i hav my paws fermly planted in reealitee!!! and the reealitee is their is no way trouble cud pull a mind trik on me i am way too sharp for that!!! ok ennyway i hav lots of awards to hand owt this week on akkownt of i hav never dun a sunday awards and meem show before so lets jump rite in!!! first is the best blog award wot wuz givin to me by my gud frend doraz!!!

now this award is suppozd to go to fifteen other blogs but it luks like its reely mayd the rownds before it go to me for my first ever awards and meem show!!! i wil try to find fifteen blogs wot havent got it yet ok yeer goze:

  1. my reesently reeternd frend lavenderbay!!!  hope to see yoo arownd agin!!!
  2. and my frend africa hoo livs in africa!!!
  3. and also my frend shannon hoo is simply shannon!!!
  4. and my frend luna hoo peepul luv!!!
  5. and it wil also go to my frends the fortyseven white buffalo!!!
  6. and my gnu frend the gnu kid frum the wilds of ohio!!!
  7. and my greyhound frends the houndstooth4!!!
  8. and my frends at the blog of dogs and poodles!!!
  9. and my frend debbie hoo harts dogs!!!
  10. and my frend douglas the vizsla dog hoo is on an odasee of sum sort!!!
  11. and my frends over at life with dogs!!!
  12. and my frend manicdote hoo always has an anecdote!!!  hay nevis did yoo no those wurds rime???  amayzing koinsidense!!!
  13. and my littel frend bae bae the hamster!!!
  14. and lets not forgit my gud frend era!!!
  15. and my frend and sumtime leegal kownsel penni!!!

wow that wuz a big award to hand owt on my first ever awards and meem show!!!  this is hard wurk!!!  maybe i shud hire a big shot prodooser to help me run the show!!!

ok nekst we hav this award frum my frend blissbait its the best blog award!!!

ummmm hmmm that is the saym award wot i just handed owt!!! oh gosh i am not shoor i can kownt to fifteen agin so soon after kownting to fifteen wunse before!!! but i wil giv it a try ok heer goze:

  1. my frends not wun not three but too barking dogs!!!
  2. and my frends the wolfies wot go splorin!!!
  3. and my gud frend luda!!!
  4. and my vizsla frends rio and delilah!!!
  5. and my other vizsla frends zoe and mia!!!
  6. and my yet other vizsla frend miss laila!!!
  7. and —

ok ummm so the rest of the kownting awards wil hav to be deferrd until my sekond ever sunday awards and meem show nekst week wunse dada gits a noo kalkyoolaytor however i do hav too non kownting awards wot i can show yoo theez ar both frum my gud frend the purpel hatter!!!

the purple hatter is owr resident award mayker or so i am told not that i wood no on akkownt of i hav never dun an awards show before but theez ar grate addishuns for this first ever episode of the sunday awards and meem show!!! i wood like to invite all my doggie frends to tayk the doggie star award espeshly low slung dogs sutch as martha and bailey and lorenza!!! and of korse krismas is a time of giving unless yoo ar on the nawty list so evrywun is welkum to tayk the frozen tree award as well just link bak to purple hatter!!! see yoo nekst week!!! ok bye

nooz flash!!!! i wood like to add sumthing to the awards and meem show my gud frend jamie of the texas sun dogs is asking for owr help to flud her son with mayl wile he is deployd in the army!!! if yoo wood like to help go visit her and reed all abowt it!!! ok bye agin

17 thoughts on “noo feetcher!!! its the sunday awards and meem show!!!

  1. Hey trouble the Kitty, this is Milk the Kitty who has given you an award over at Daisy’s blog!!! Oh and great Jedi Mind trick, can you teach it to me so I can steal all of Daisys toys?


  2. Thank you so much for the Best Blog Award, Dennis. Chase, Inca, Phoebe, and puppy Holmes were (it seems) expecting to receive it because they believe in their hearts that they are the best dogs ever.


  3. Dennis, better to get your brain wiped out than to see that old smurf come back again. I believe some movement of the furnitures to a strategic spot will eliminate the need to explain the hole in the carpet.


    P.S. Or maybe just move Tucker’s bed over it since he seems comatose anyway.


  4. I am totally amazed how much thinking you can do while half asleep. That deserves an award!

    Guys, you’ll never guess what my mom saw next door. She was going to the garage and there was this skinny little puppy in the neighbor’s back yard and she is pretty sure he is a vizsla! So, we just may have a Vizsla for a neighbor – isn’t that cool?!?!!


  5. Nice job getting two of the same awards Dennis! And good job pawing them forward while sleeping – pawesome! Now about that calculator… I think Mango has the right idea.
    xo Hugs


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