letters frum prizzin

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay i hav herd sad nooz thru the graypvine that khyras sister kyrye went away if yoo wood like to go and wish her gud running at the rainbow bridj!!!

wel ennyway i am riting this frum the prizzin internet cafe and i must say it is kwite a hardship the uplode speeds ar horribul and the lines are hyoodj and peepul ar verry impayshent for there tern and their ar arbitrerry reestrikshuns on kontent but wot ar yoo going to do it is a ruff life wen yoo ar in stir!!!  and i shud no i hav ben heer offen enuf thru no fawlt of my own i mite add!!!

i can only hope that trixie soon comes thru with the bayl munny so we can git owt of heer and git bak to owr top seekret mishun of hacking santas kompyooters to git us off the nawty list!!! uh oh shhhh i think the gard is coming to owr sell!!!

sweet!!!! trixie must hav arrived with owr bayl munny!!! now the mishun can kontinyoo!!! ok bye

Later …

27 Comments on “letters frum prizzin

  1. Those cute outfits just kill me! They all look ready to shred some powder, instead of hack into Santa’s computers.


  2. They are cute outfits, I love black and white prints. But, Dennis, be careful of the Bah-humbugger, you just never know what a guy like that is up to.

    Here is another thing, Dennis, that you seem to have a hard time understanding. You have been removed from the naughty list, off, free, at liberty to get Christmas gifts from Santa So please don’t go there and mess it all up.



  3. Hey Dennis,
    So sorry you’ve been doin’ time too. I’ve still got a few weeks to go on my sentence. Hope I’ll be out by Christmas. You’re lucky to have Trixie as a friend. Sheba wouldn’t bail me out of a box! She just sits around laughing at me.

    Good luck to ya,
    Shadow the Lab


  4. I bet Trixie is really having a great time back home without the insane vizsla dogs all running around cracker dog.



  5. Wow! I sure missed a lot!

    Watch out for that guy. He has a lot of money, but he looks like he’s up to no good!



  6. Ohhh NOOOO Dennis
    This doesn’t seem wight to me.
    I would have come to bail you out..you should have called..don’t listen to that guy
    smoochie kisses,ASTA


  7. they have computers in prison? hey why didn’t you just hack santy pawas computers from there? nobody woulda ever KNOWN!
    wild dingo


  8. RUT ROH!!! This can’t possibly make for a Merry Christmas! Oh!!! Can I be the Ghost of Christmas Past??? Can I, Can I, Huh, Huh???!!! 🙂


  9. Uh oh Dennis (again) Mama and I watched the movie that dude is in yesterday and it does NOT end well….be careful!!!



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