35 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: An Island In The Sun

  1. Hey, Tucker-

    I am sooo jelumous. It is 12 degrees ware I live and my feets freeze wen I go owtside. Mummy sez she may have to git me a koat and sum boots. If she makes me ware that ridickulus geer, I may have to bite her.

    Yer pal,


  2. I heard on my local Pup radio station that it was really nice weather in Sandy Eggo and was momentarily brought back to our trip there last fall which was heavenly in temps and just plain fun. You look blissed out, to put it mildly!
    Hugs xo


  3. Hi there…

    Ya wanna trade homes? It’s frrreeezzzing in NY and our mom is making us wear coats!?!? Can you freaking believe it, soooo embarrasing!

    Sorry we haven’t visited in a while, we might have to put out a job posting for a new blogger, mom has not kept up with all our friends. Apparently this “work” place she goes to is taking up all her time!



  4. Dennins,I’m so envious!You live in such a beautiful house with cool weather, what else for life?
    This picture is adorable, you found a cosy spot to take a nap, May I joy you there?
    purrs and always love sweet friend


  5. Too bad your chaise lounge isn’t in our back yard, its legs would be buried in snow, the pallid sun wouldn’t give enough warmth to keep you from shivering at three below zero F. Its not comfy here but it builds character. Enjoy your weather, Tucker!



  6. Uh. Hello? This is my first encounter with this website and since I am completely overwhelmed with amazement I think I will just go now. But I’ll be back. Like a bug drawn to a light, this site is just too intriguing to miss. I am much too old and way-y-y-y too tough to be intimidated by all this razz-ma-tazz. Really cute, though. I give it 5 stars. Can’t wait to get back (gonna bring me a cuppa coffee next time, though) and reee-lax here. Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, or: Insert *your* own holiday here________________


  7. The only sunbathing I can do here at the moment is in a spot of afternoon sunshine, since they put that darned tree up that blocks my morning sun! No way can be go outside, though. You have it made!



  8. I have a theory on your header. Is it a metaphor for American exuberance for decorating at Christmas which just gets worse and worse each day closer to the day and worse and worse each year? please tell me if I’m close…or if it’s just a coincidence!


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