Travels With Scroogie

Later …

Eventually …

21 Comments on “Travels With Scroogie

  1. Another exciting adventure! Dennis we are taking a break but would like to wish you and your family the very best Xmas – we will catch up with you in the New Year.
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xxx


  2. figures trouble would like scroogie. then again, i’m partial to the guy myself. the early scrooge that is!
    wild dingo


  3. Sheeswh, take some people on vacation and all they do is whine . . . “Are we there yet? Bah, humbug.” Sure there isn’t a bit of sheep in his ancestry?


  4. You don’t need to worry about the money, just give those poler bears a half hour or so, then go pick it up. If you have my address, you can send some to me, uh, I am a little short this season.



  5. mmmmm In n’ Out. That place could turn anyone’s attitude around. wonder if I can figure out how to drive the truck over there and go through the drive thru…


  6. Great post,Dennis!
    As everyday you surprise me with something new and interesting!
    Thank you.
    I prefer a Double-Double me too 😀

    Have fun,my friend!!!


  7. *chuckles* You have such great sense of humour!

    Wishing all of you a warm and happy christmas and a very new year!

    Licks and wags

    The Dog Woods pack


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