dispatches frum the north pole!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel we unloded that cranky skroodj fello on a konveenyent ice floe on akkownt of all his konstant bah humbugging wuz giving us all a hedayk and sinse then we hav mayd gud time and we hav now arrived at wot we ar pritty shoor is sandy klawses villadj at the north pole chek it owt!!!

as yoo can see eeven sutch desirabul reel estayt as the villadjes at the north pole ar suffering in the kurrent reel estayt markit on akkownt of the elvs wot hav lost there jobs after mutch of sandy klawses operayshun wuz owtsorsd to china ennyway yes that is sandy klawses manshun up their beehind the wall!!! now that wall mite keep owt elvs but it is no match for a magic flying coaster!!! ha ha ha we ar silent we ar stelthy yoo wil never see us coming!!!

unfortchoonatly we did not rekkon with mrs clauses mad radar operaytor and silkwurm missul skilz

so now we ar stranded heer in the arktik withowt enny meenz of transportayshun and we hav no ideea how to git into sandy clawses manshun!!! i feer that owr mishun to hak santas kompyooters and put owrselvs bak on the nice list has bakfired dramatikly!!! or has it???

but wot can wun smal foks doo aginst the military mite of sandy klaws manner??? not mutch!!!

unless that foks is the ledjenderry arktikfoks wot wunse rid antarktika of aleeens!!!! wow i think we ar abowt to see a battel royall witch wil no dowt end with me and tucker and trouble bak on the nice list!!!! ok bye

19 thoughts on “dispatches frum the north pole!!!

  1. So you guys are saying you didn’t think Mrs. Claus had any way of protecting the Claus Mansion, once you got there? Is that what you are saying? You didn’t think she would have any guns or torpedos or hand grenades or anything? hahhahahaha And now you are in the hands of a wiley Arctic Fox with a tank bigger than Troubles? I think this might just be goodbye, Dennis, Tucker, Troubles, and I am sorry to say it. You are in deep, Dennis, and further in a bone chilling cold spot with blubber to eat, if you can find it. Good luck.



  2. Oh the twists and turns of this adventure!!! We sure hope you don’t piss off Santa though, cuz then he might cancel Christmas 😦


  3. considering how long it took you to get this far you better get going or all will be for naught. You might have been better off convincing Trixie to just put in a good word for you.



  4. Uh oh…AGAIN…Dennis, be very careful that you do NOT end up being tricked by that artic fox…those foxes are pretty sneaky!!

    I do hope you do not get stuck on the naughty list forever cause of this…I think another call to Trixie may be in order!!



  5. Wow, I didn’t realize the recession had spread to the North Pole. Things really are bad. Are you guys sure that storming Santa’s mansion is the best way to go about this?


  6. Hi Dennis,

    We are having a hard time keeping up with the blogs with all the holiday stuff Mom is working on, so we apologize for not being here much lately. But we also wanted to wish you a happy holiday.

    Happy weekend, the OP Pack


  7. Hey Dennis! We had to watch that Drag me to Hell movie last night. Of course we watched the director’s cut to be sure and get all the most interesting moments. Pretty good flick, I must say. Lots of exciting fight scenes with demons and blood spurting everywhere. Thanks for the recommendation.


    P.S. As a double feature, we watched, Mist: The Story of a Sheepdog Puppy. Gosh, liked that one two, especially the mean old rams.


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