Who You Gonna Call?

After my disastrous attempt last week to rein in the rowdy Deltas, I have decided to keep a low profile for a while, in hopes of avoiding any further embarrassment.  Unfortunately, I don’t think the Deltas are done with me — lately I have begun to find that things in my office are moved and hidden when I am not there, and several times I’ve found a mysterious gooey slime inside my emptied lunch box before I even have a chance to eat the green tripe I bring.  If I can catch the Deltas in the act of pulling these pranks, perhaps I can convince the Dean that the whole beer incident was a setup, and get them removed from the campus.

Now, if I could just figure out why it’s always so cold in here …

I set up a number of webcams around my office, but they never capture those responsible for these crazy pranks — and yet, the pranks persist. How is this possible?

The atmosphere in my office grows stranger by the moment … is someone watching me? Who is moving my fedoras around? Why do I hear heavy breathing right behind me?

At last, through careful analysis of the facts and the elimination of impossibilities, I can only come to the conclusion that my office is haunted!

Fleeing my office, I take refuge in the lounge, where by bizarre coincidence the television is showing a commercial for a service for which I have an unexpected immediate need!

I quickly call up the Ghostbusters and explain my situation, and they agree to come out and deal with it immediately. They seem very eager to take care of the situation. It’s refreshing to see a company that is so motivated; I have no doubt that I will soon be rid of that pesky ghost. Then I can go back to my office and get everything straightened out in there, because I am Dennis the Vizsla, and I never give up.

Meanwhile …

22 thoughts on “Who You Gonna Call?

  1. THAT looks like my office — exactly like my office. All this time, I’ve thought it was my fault and now I know it’s haunted. Dennis, let me know how the crew works out at your place.


  2. Dennis, be careful…that Harold Ramis was in on the the whole Animal House this…I think he may even be the creator of the Deltas….

    The Mama

    PeeEss: From Dory…sorry Dennis, sometimes that Mama just ooozes geek.


  3. :)) Great post,Dennis!!!
    I was forgot of Ghostbusters 🙂
    The pictures are very funny and for a moment you was bringed me the smile on my face 🙂
    Thank you!!!
    I wait other great posts in the future,my friend!!! 😀

    Have fun!!!


  4. They aren’t coming, Dennis! They are afraid of some other dog.

    Now you are really on your own. You might even wind up in their containment crate which I don’t understand at all.

    Oh, this is dreadful, just dreadful. call somebody, quick.



  5. Looks like there is something strange in your neighborhood…
    Are you seeing things running through your head? hehehe

    Dennis.. We’d trust the ghost before we trust those three suspicious looking dudes!

    We ain’t affraid of no ghosts!

    Great… now our mom’s gonna be signing this all day long AND she’s tonedeaf!!!



  6. Your new cabinet for the picture box looks nice, but I think the edges could use a little roughing up. Hehehe.

    Ghosts are most scary making. Good luck with those guys. If that skunk incident is any indication, you might on the phone for a while.



  7. Hmmm… Dennis, does Trixie know about the inscription on the mug on your desk? A little Vizsla chauvinism there, no?


  8. Wow – even your office is scary, Dennis, although your working hours are just perfect for me. As Stella notes, however, be-ware of the Dogbusters – heed her woofs. (GREAT post – not from mom!)
    Hugs xo


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