its the sunday awards and meem show!!! with speshul gest host trixie doodles!!!

hello gentle readers, this is the beautiful trixie.

i have a script here from dennis that i am supposed to use for the sunday awards and meme show, but unfortunately i can’t read it because it seems to have been written in crayon and then chewed up into a wad and spit out again, then crumpled up and used as a fetch ball. so i’m going improvise. the first award is from our friend doraz and it dates all the way back to thanksgiving. i do apologize for the big delay in posting it but dennis’s schedule has been a little hectic lately. here it is, the “you’re a blessing” award:

this award is supposed to be passed along to five of our friends. doraz gave it to her old friends, so i am going to switch it around and give it to some of my new(er) friends:

and now, if i’m reading this scrawled mess of notes correctly, it’s time to queue up another pre-recorded message from dennis.

oooookay. i have no idea what dennis is talking about, but that’s nothing new.

moving on, we have this award bestowed upon trouble by our friend pink daisy‘s kitty brother, milk:

hmm, this looks an awful lot like the dog star award that dennis got last week only with the word “kitty” superimposed over the word “doggie”, but i’m sure that won’t bother trouble the kitty any. i’m not positive who trouble would like to give this award to but i know that she has some kitty friends, for instance:

okay i guess it’s time for more of dennis’s rambling prerecorded nonsense.  prepare yourselves.

ummmm … riiiiiiiight, dennis.

now, last but not least, we have a series of christmas-themed awards and memes designed by our friend the purple hatter and assembled here into a collage. if you haven’t been to visit the purple hatter lately, go check him out, as he is always coming up with new cartoons and pictures.

i think one of those pictures doesn’t apply to dennis, tucker, and trouble.  figuring out which one that might be is an exercise left to the gentle reader.  and that’s it for this week! i guess dennis has one more prerecorded message, so everyone put on your tinfoil hats and prepare to receive a transmission from the demented vizsla planet.

wow dennis that was a stunning recap. no really. and such an accurate prediction!

thanks everyone for watching this week’s awards and meme show. tune in next week when dennis may or may not be back from his crazy “secret” mission.

this is trixie doodles, over and out and off to stare at the hillside for a few hours.

30 thoughts on “its the sunday awards and meem show!!! with speshul gest host trixie doodles!!!

  1. Trixie! You did a great job. I understood every word you said. Unlike some vizsla dogs whom I don’t think I could understand even if I could understand if you know what I mean.



  2. Ya, Trixie, with poses like that, i’m so sure most of the boys in the audience weren’t exactly “listening” or “reading” your words anyway. And you know, sex sells, so you MUST know what you’re doing. I’ll bet if you host next time, you’ll have advertisers lining up to buy space on the show!
    wild dingo


  3. Trixie…what a great job at hosting this week, plus you totally hypnotized Bilbo and he is just staring into the computer right now…



  4. Aw, dear Beautiful Trixie, the tragedy of your life is that you have to spend it with those two Demented Vizslas and that screwy cat!

    You must love it when they wind up on a spaceship off for parts unknown. Any time you want life to be pleasant, calm, enjoyable, just hop a Greyhound (bus!) and come and visit us. You probably wouldn’t want to go home.



  5. Hey Trixie! You are certainly beautiful with your stunning poses and I, too, understood every word you typed and your meaning much better than I understand your nutsy bro hehee! Congrats on all the awards and we look forward to hearing more from YOU, dear girl!
    Hugs xo


  6. Miss Trixie! You vixen! Are those photos just for ME??? Such abandon. I don’t care if Dennis stays at the north pole forever now.



  7. Trixie, you look exhausted. But I am inspired to have mom go through our pictures to find some of my more sexy poses!
    By the way, for whatever it’s worth, Scooter always understands every word Dennis says. He is beginning to wonder if he needs to look into his DNA QRST records to see if Dennis is the third twin……


  8. Trixie, I vote that you be the emcee (whatever that is) for future Memes. Because Dennis always seems to get lost on a tangent and never returns… I’m just sayin’. (But Dennis, if you do manage to reprogram the ‘nice’ list, could you get me on it, please?!?)

    *kissey face*


  9. Bravo Trixie, u did good girl! one suggestion- maybe cover up your foo foo while the camera light is on. it’s not suppose to be that kinduv show. it’s sunday! Dennis, after you add Fiona’s name.. ehem.. type in Tula. thanks.




  10. Hi Trixie – great job! Sigh – you guys are so organised, our humans have been shabby – SHABBY!! – at getting our awards posted onto our blog. We have demanded better service from them and might actually have to – um – ‘borrow’ your idea of an ‘award show post’ because we now have quite a few to brag about and we’re so proud of them, he he! Well done to all the award winners – great stuff! Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.


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