hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel we hav agreed to joyn forses with the misteeryus adventcherer and mersenerry nown as arktikfoks hoo appeerz to hav his own reezons for wanting to tayk down sandy klawz wot hav nuthing to do with the nice list or the nawty list!!!

it terns owt that in addishun to its hevvy firepowr the arktikfoks tank also sports a fully stokd refridjeraytor not to menshun snaks!!! wow arktik foks is eeven kooler then we thawt!!!

now that we ar al komfortably setteld into arktik fokses limo we ar mooving owt to engaydj santa in the final battel to see hoo is and isnt going to be on the nice list this yeer!!! i think we can luk forward to lots of presents wunse this is over!!!

i call shotgun!!!!

ummmm i chayndjd my mind i call hiding in the bak!!! ok bye

29 Comments on “engaydj!!!

  1. Commondore 64, eh? Not much bit power there. Hopefully Santa doesn’t have a WEE or you are in deep doo doo.



  2. Hmm seems some folks been lapping up a considerable portion of eggnog a la Yousei’s 1906 Fanny Farmer recipe. Now cream, fur and arctic foxes do make sense…what’s next, dennis? Unbaked Alaska? hmm? fun times


  3. Don’t do it, Dennis. I promise you, you will be furry sorry!

    Just back off and try to get home, however, you might do that.



  4. Hey! Whoa!!! Arctic Fox and Trouble Cat’s got artilery? Man, You snooze for a few days and Lord Have Mercy the world goes to hell! Trouble Kitty, You ROCK! Arctic Fox, I bet You anything PETA would sponsor Your venture! And Dennis The Cool, Big Hugs to You! Cheers and Namaste All. 🙂


  5. Erm. While the tank is Super Cool and all, I’m a little worried about the Commodore 64 part. Um, you do know that my calculator has more computing ability than those things, right? I’d be prepared for a little seat of the pants driving. (Or backseat driving, in your case.) Regardless, I wish you good luck, as I think I might need some help getting on the ‘Nice’ list; my Granny has been saying something about lumps of coal…. Happy Solstice!

    *kissey face*


  6. Oh Trixie…you are on your way to save them right????

    Com 64….teehee…Dennis, I do hope Trixie is on her way…



  7. Oops forgot to change my name from Anna H to PoochesForPeace. Anyway, just remember the Christmas song “He sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake…” Santa might be waiting for you!


  8. Hehehe, for a minute there I thought i read commode instead of ‘commodore’ … no wonder it takes more than 20 minutes to load up!

    Artic fox is quite a character.


  9. Mom misses her Commodore 64 but I don’t know what that is. Anyway, think I could rent that tank to take me outside to do my business, it is COLD here.


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