The Battle of the North Pole

Twenty Minutes Later …

Eventually …

25 Comments on “The Battle of the North Pole

  1. Wait around long enough, the United Nations do something, right?

    Hey at least you didn’t have to boot the blasted thing by toggling in the start sequence on the front panel.



  2. Wow, I was getting nervous there – would your firing program load in time?!? But I think it is probably good that you DIDN’T blow up the North Pole right before Christmas; that might somehow put you on the Permanent ‘Naughty’ list…. I’m just saying…

    *kissey face*


  3. Hey Dennis,
    And about our treats and gifts?Did you ask Santa about it?
    Don’t miss this opportunity to negotiate it okay!


  4. OK, Dennis, this one just takes the cake. UN will put you all in Santy’s slammer and you won’t even get home for Christmas. I can see it all now.

    Good luck and Merry Christmas,



  5. heh, that cat has tank wheels on his bed. I like that – form meets function, needs a mounted machine gun in front. your comic reminds me of Apogee games – love those!


  6. I suppose its a good thing – after all we’re in the season of giving. You ought to be on the nice list now for not open firing …


  7. Merry Christmas
    and a Happy & Healthy 2010
    for you and your whole family 🙂
    Enjoy your Holidays…

    Kareltje =^.^=
    Anya 🙂


  8. OMDOG Mom loved this one!!!! She remembers waiting eternities for all her favorite games to load!!! I don’t know what in the heck she is talking about, crazy woman.


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