The Santa Sessions

Later …

36 Comments on “The Santa Sessions

  1. Fantastic! Well done all!

    Happy Christmas to James, Dennis, Tucker, Trixie, and Trouble. (and to Mrs. Viscosi as well!)


  2. No matter what happens, we are sure you are all on the “nice” list and will find lots of wonderful pressies under the tree. And lots of love from your humans, the best gift you can get.

    Wishes to you and the family for a Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder


  3. Hi Dennis, don’t worry we are helping Santa Paws out this year and we know you and your family are on the ‘nice’ list.
    Have the bestest xmas.


  4. I’m sure that all the sandwiches and cookies were really good 😉

    Enjoy your holidays with your familly and friends!Merry Christmas!


  5. Hehehe. I think Tucker had the right idea. Make the most of any situation. I knew that Santa dude was not to be trusted, but I didn’t know he was really Dr. Evil.

    Hey! Have a good holiday. Just go home and make puppy face and mama and dada. Who needs Santa anyway? Those two will be shoveling cookies into you in no time.


    P.S. Do you think Trixie would pose with a bow on her bottom? Hey! No harm asking.


  6. Hmm. I’m not entirely sure that you guys actually ended up accomplishing anything, but I’ve heard that Santa has more cookies than he can eat, so I don’t think you actually did any harm….

    Merry Christmas to all of you!

    *kissey face*


  7. ………………………..-:¦:-
    …………………,.•°* ? ”*°•.
    ………………..•°*”˜? ˜”*°•.
    …………..•°*°*”˜ ? ˜”*°•*°•.
    ………….. …………???

    Meowy Chrismouse and a Woofie New Year!


  8. I think that is one of those fake Santa Clauses because I am sure the real Santa is NOT a BREAKER-PROMISER!

    I just hope you guys get home in time for Christmas Day and that Tucker doesn’t hork up all that stuff he ate .

    Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year to ALL!



  9. I’m guessing someone else other than santa paws is going to feel sorry for you fellas tonight!
    wild dingo

    pee ess woo: merry holidgogs!


  10. Dennis, you are one great negotiator! (But I think you had better see if Tucker will share some secondhand sandwiches, ’cause I think that might be all you will get).


  11. Merry Christmas to a darling pooch who has brought us smiles and happiness throughout this past year. Your gentle ways and upbeat attitude have been a source joy!


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