its the sunday awards and meem show holiday edishun!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog!!! hay wel it wuz a kwiet week heer after all the eksitement of krismas so their is not mutch happening in the awards and meem frunt however my frend carlos wood like evrywun to visit his petfinder paydj in hopes of finding himself a forever home like i did also if he gits enuf visits his foster mama wil donayt treets to other dogs wot ar also luking for homes thanks carloses mama on behaff of formerly homeless dogs i apreesheyayt wot yoo ar dooing!!!

okay now then on to sum pikchers!!!  my gud frend the purple hatter kreeayted a kuple of nice krismas cartoons chek it owt:

we kan always kownt on the purple hatter for sum kolorful artwerk!!!

now as yoo may no i ekspended kwite a bit of effert in the last kuple of weeks do git myself bak on the nice list but unfortchoonatly i did not sukseed and reeseevd a sak of old king kole for krismas so unfare!!!!

but yoo no wot they say wen life hands yoo old king kole yoo shud hav a barbekyoo!!! or at leest play sum fetch with it!!!  its a littel hard to ketch the old king kole on akkownt of it is so small but i can yoozhually git it on the first hop!!!

hay dada nice finger styling wile holding the old king kole kan i git yoo a cup of tee to hold so yoo can stik owt yore pinkee???  ha ha ha ennyway as yoo can see i hav a speshul fetch tekneek warein i go in the howse and leev dada owtside wundring if i am coming bak sumtimes he stands owt their for a fyoo minnits wayting for me i hav him verry wel traynd dont yoo think???  that is how i punnish him for snapping his fingers and poynting at the toy wen i drop it too far away he is sutch a lazybonez!!!  so as yoo can tel gitting a sak of old king kole for krismas is not so bad after all!!!  ha ha ha in yore fayse sandy klaws!!!! ok bye

22 thoughts on “its the sunday awards and meem show holiday edishun!!!

  1. Oh Dennis we were feeling sorry fer you and was gonna send you one of our presents. But you are having so much fun with ole king kole that we’re gonna ask fer that next year! But doesn’t it taste ucky?

    Bobo and Meja


  2. Okay, Dennis, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Right?

    I don’t blame you for leaving Dada outside all alone after he did that whole snapping, pointing number on you. I thought your retreiving was great, fast and efficient.

    Tell beautiful Trixie Happy New Year from me, will you? And have some for yourself.



  3. Hi Dennis how are you doing? I hope you are enjoying the holidays, does it get cold out there in California like it does here in Virginia we had a lot of snow last week and now I’m sad because its all gone and have to wait for another week before we get some more does Trixie like to play fetch too? Ok, bye for now, your retrieving friend, Clover.

    Hey Denny, dude! What’s all that running around all about anyway?


  4. Over here in the Maritimes, King Cole is tea, nice and strong so your spoon can stand up in the cup like it’s supposed to. Maybe Dada can have you fetch tea bags instead of coal?


  5. Why does your dada have to count to throw the coal? I don’t think you are listening. I like you running into the house. Keeps him on his toes. That finger snapping was most annoying. He totally could have taken two steps, right? My Master plays recliner fetch with PeeWee. That would be Master in the recliner throwing the ball, not PeeWee retrieving the recliner. Now THAT is lazy.



  6. whoo knew.. coal is funballs! so you don’t have to be good alllll year. thanks dennis the viszla, i learned a good life lesson today. tell your dada- snapping & pointing.. means get it yerself! game ovah! go drink some tea:)

    happy holidays,


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