post krismas rap up!!! or unrap up as the kayse may be!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel after we wer so kroolly not to menshun unfarely put on the nawty list meerly for the krime of assawlting santas manshun in a tank mama and dada and there frends tuk pitty on us and gayv us presents ennyway ha ha in yore fayse agin santa!!!! chek it owt!!!

heer we ar unrapping owr presents!!! and by we i meen tucker is dooing it wile trixie and i soopervize!!!

as mango man wood say oh yeah!!! noo stuffeez and treets!!! but first i had to chek them owt to mayk shoor santa hadnt snuk in enny opshunal ekstras inside the stuffeez yoo cannot be too kayrful!!!

suspishus pakadj reeported in the bakyard!!!

ok it looks like this stuffee is harmless so i call dibs!!!

trixie lerns that life is unfare!!!

hay dada luk i got a noo bunny toy!!!! yoo no wot that meens!!!

and best of all i wunse agin got to run into the howse and leev dada standing owt in the yard!!!  ohhhhhh snap!!!!

a stuffee givs a wise dog time to think and a fool sumthing to stik in his mowth!!!

ha ha ha ha ha!!!! life is gud!!!! ok bye

28 thoughts on “post krismas rap up!!! or unrap up as the kayse may be!!!

  1. I saw the dada pointy finger in that first movie. Huh?

    Good job making Tucker do all the work and then zooming off with the stuffie. That Trixie better watch out. She almost got in your way when you were doing your insane retrieving.



  2. The Beautiful Trixie is left completely OUT of the gift giving.
    I must tell you, I am shocked, appalled, dismayed and sorry for Trixie.

    Trixie, the offer still stands. Get on a bus for Minniesnowda and you will never be humiliated again. Not ever! We would give you a good bed, good food and first grab at any toy. Think about it.

    Your friend,


  3. Hi Dennis Friend! I am glad to see that you got some new presents for Christmas even though you were still on the naughty list. My mommy will only let me have junk food occasionally, so I hope your momma will do the same. Oh and I like your new bunny. You need to take care of that stuffing though and soon.


  4. I’m sure Trixie’s was bakhkordered and it will be bigger and better than the V dogs!

    I mean, she deals with so much – she DESERVES lots of pressies!



  5. Oh yeah, grate stuff(y)! We am innosent, it must of bin da Tucker, we woz not intrested wen da Noo Mummy woz eeting her chick-hen, so it koodent hav bin us wot norred it!

    Mutch luv from us, da Calico Cats (Alfie & Simba) – oh, and Her Indores! :)xxx


  6. Tucker is an unwrapping genius! Those presents look seriously cool. You are lucky to have strayed into Naughty AND be rewarded!

    We want to say Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Headbutts and purrs from all of us to all of you in 2010.


  7. Tucker- You are good at opening presents like me. I found mine under the tree all by myself. I tried to get Loopy’s and Shayna’s before I got caught, but I got caught. It’s ok… I found out there was an extra present for me later after the “cousins” went away. Dennis- you do the fetch thing? I like keepaway better. I think it proves that I am in control. Your friend and lookalike- Maggie


  8. Well, Dennis, this was a great post! First of all, Alice isn’t too sure about Santa since he didn’t take Sammy with him and deliver him to another family AND he he gave her presents that Sammy steals. If you decide to invade Santa’s mansion next year, she’s in. Your new bunny looks like excellent fun — you remind me a lot of Sammy! I laughed when you ran in the house! Tucker has a very cool collar. Poor long-suffering Trixie — maybe she and Alice should form a club?


  9. I am most impressed with your fetch skills. I usually like to hold onto whatever I’ve caught for a little bit before giving it back to Mom and Dad. It makes it more fun that way. For me, at least! Most excellent bunny toy!

    *kissey face*


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