me vs the room wot moovs!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay so sumtimes i go with tucker wen he has his dokterz appoyntments but the thing is the dokter is upstayrs and tucker is having a littel trouble with stayrs theez days on akkownt of he is old and so mama haz ben trying to entice me into the eevil room wot moovs chek it owt!!!

did yoo see wot happend?!?! that room tried to skwash me!!!

did that wall just moov?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!
nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope

wow that wuz a klose wun i bayrly eskaypd with my life!!! but the room swallowd up mama and tucker i wil probly never see them agin!!! i shoor wil miss mama!!! meenwile dada and i went up the stayrs in sayfty!!!!

rayne!!! hoo is afrayd of a littel rayne on the steps??? i hav fore weel drive!!! ennyway at leest it is not a room wot moovs!!! after all luk wot the room wot moovs did to theez poor saps!!!

the horror!!!!! but as it ternd owt the room wot moovs didnt eet mama and tucker insted it spit them owt on the sekund floor probly becuz tucker wuz a littel bit gassy that day!!! wel so then after tuckers appoyntment wuz over wot do mama and dada do??? they go rite bak to the room wot moovs!!! way to push yore luk mama and dada!!!! but this time mama had yummy treets wot she tried to yooze to loor me into the room wot moovs with them so i think it did sum sort of mind kontrol on her or sumthing!!!

if my bak feets ar stil on konkreet then i am not in the room wot moovs!!!
nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope

so this time the room wot moovs ayt dada and tucker!!!! i wil probly never see them agin!!!! i shoor wil miss dada!!!

i think tucker is as happee to see me as i am to see him!!!

whew dodjd another bullit it is a gud thing tucker duznt tayst gud i gess!!! wel so ennyway layter we went bak and faysd the room wot moovs wunse agin and this time we brawt trixie becuz if ennybuddy wil no how to deel with a room wot moovs it is trixie!!!

nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope

so wunse agin i tuk the stayrs up to the dokters offiss but at leest it all ended wel with lots of treets!!!

nom nom nom nom nom

so as yoo can see it is dennis three room wot moovs zero on akkownt of i never let the room wot moovs loor me into its klutches!!! ha ha ha in yore fayse room wot moovs!!! if yoo had a fayse i meen!!!! ha ha ok bye

49 thoughts on “me vs the room wot moovs!!!

  1. Your vet is a horrible place. Forget the room that moves… those STAIRS! EEEEEE! I would never ever go there. I cannot believe that Tucker survived two trips.

    My brother the elect twist can sometimes works in the room that moves paths. He says the union guys call them “vertical hallways” so they can get permission to work in them because they are not supposed to be in those kind of death defying places. I am not so easily fooled.



  2. Oh you are so smart, Dennis. I will go in those rooms that moves, but I’m not wild about them. I used to be scared of doors that moved when I went to PetCo’s and stuff, but I’m okay with those now. Mayhap you can try one of those one day heheee!
    Hugs xo


  3. Dennis,

    You are one brave dog! You faced that room three times! I am impressed! You also have the toes of an acrobat.

    Does your tail wag in your sleep? Mom wanted to know! You are one happy dog, just like me!



  4. Oh Dennis
    You won that one, hehehe
    I thought tewwiews wewe stubbown, hehehe
    You would be in excellent shape if you lived at my house cause i live on the seventh floow..I go into the woom that moves about fouw times two times a day..and it’s nevew eaten me yet, but I’ll be mowe caweful fwom now on
    smoochie kisses


  5. Hey Dennis once momma said that a lady brought a Llama to work and it walked up the stairs at work and then went down in the room that moves!


  6. When me & the peeps ran from Hurricane Ike last year we stayed in a placed that had moving rooms too. Actually I kindof started to enjoy them. My fave thing is to peepee right in the middle of the moving box-room!


  7. I have never seen a dog stretch that far before. If Agility ever adds a Dog Stretching Event, you will own it, Dennis, I am quite sure of that. In the meantime, keep practicing.



  8. Dennis, I heard about a room like that…it took the peepul in it to the MOON! At least, that’s what the liddle kid said, and I figure that the next time your peepul get into that room wot moves, it’s gonna take’em to outer space where the moon is and they CAN’T BREEEEVE!

    I’m just sayin’.


  9. Elevators are safe! It’s just that you’re not allowed to pee in them. Otherwise the doors stay shut and won’t open until you grow old and die. It’s like a bigger version of Lilith, my Pops’ Venus Flytrap.



  10. O Dennis- My mom has never asked me to go in a moving room. Now I know what to watch out for. Thank you for saving me from that terrible fate. It’s bad enough- some of the high trails over scary water that she thinks any dog should just walk across. I know better. I watch out for her, ’cause she is sneaky like that sometimes.


  11. Dennis, I am in total awe of your ability extend your body length by 3X it’s normal length. You are indeed a credit to your breed. Stretch on, bro!


  12. Awwwee man, Dennis, i’m with Tucker, you’re a spaz! (but so is loki, takes one to know one, right?) Loved the vids, though i would have lost patience at the point where his feet were stretched out and just popped his back feet right in…. though i know it’s not good training to do that… sometimes, i just take the easy way out. did that with juno the other day in our under house crawl space box… both were afraid to go in. juno was half way in, so i picked up her back end and put her in. once in, she was so proud and ate lots of treats and then would pop in and out like 5 or 6 times on her own! we did the exercise because loki got spooked by a loud noise when he was searching for his dad who was hiding in there. when he found him, juno jumped on the door and madea loud noise and he jumped in freaked out. after that, he wouldn’t go in at all! but we’ll get him in….boowhahahahahaha! i am evil. i am wild dingo.

    wild dingo

    pee ess: good call on the movie lines (officer and gentleman and princess bride) didn’t think anyone would get it!


  13. O no!! It took Charlie a little bit to get used to the elevator. Anna still has problems thinking the door is going to shut on her. She runs in and runs out. So silly.


  14. Dennis! I am with you! I will not go anywhere near an elevator! My momma has tried everything in the one at her work when no one is there. She stops it with the door open and I have shown her time and time again that I can wait all day and no, that is still not enough treats! Obviously this is some sort of sign of advanced intellect!


  15. Ha Ha that is great Dennis. I love the way you kept your back paws outside the room wot moovs & still got your treat. Brilliant strategy. I game here from the link @ Starla’s


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