Wordless Wednesday: Crime Scene

29 Comments on “Wordless Wednesday: Crime Scene

  1. Dennis the who? oh yeah, ran into him late last night. he had some kinduv luggage with him. said he was taking a trip- that his dada kept throwing coal & snapping his fingers at him. he’d had enuff… that’s what he told me…..


  2. hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay that is ware i left my skunk stuffee (wot is not to be confyoozd with the posibly rabid skunk) owt in the rayne for a fyoo days and now it has disapeerd!!!! i hope it is not stawking me!!! ok bye


  3. Hmmm! You better call those people who work in dark labs with funky music playing. They can scrape stuff up and tell you who the perp is. Or something. In fact, I hope your stuffie isn’t stalking you!

    *kissey face*


  4. Stella’s mom is ofFURing stuffie repairs khomplete with some of my floof!

    Please khall 1-800-MIN-SNOW



  5. Dennis,
    when you said “twisted sister” i was like ‘huh?’ but then mentioned animal house and i was like “that’s right!” when i googled for the preceeding quote for OaG movie, it wasn’t that line, though MR. WD and I thought for sure it was. we were wrong. it was animal house! funny. we used the line anyway. i never saw animal house (was too young for R then! and never got around when i was old enough…)

    and i also saw it was a album name or something like that.
    you are like some sort of movie weirdo, huh?
    ok bye!
    wild dingo

    pee ess: who’s the main suspect in the crime scene above? i hope not Inspector Dennis!


  6. Uh oh…I know how it is Dennis, my toys disappear when I leave them outside too…I think the Mama throws them away…check the garbage!!



  7. You leave your stuffee outside in the rain, it means you don’t love that stuffee and Mom says trash can, here we come.

    Thats right!



  8. looks like a teeny doggie’s outline……oh who did you keeeeeeel???????

    i hope you still have a Happy 2010 dear Dennis



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