me: too yeerz in revyoo

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay chek owt this viddyo wot my mama mayd for vizsla reskyew she calls it dennis a pikcher storry so i think it must be abowt me!!!

that is the small verzhun of the slideshow if yoo want to see the big verzhun yoo can watch it heer!!!  mama mayd the slidesho in sumthing calld keynote but then dada ternd it into sumthing calld kwiktime so yoo wil need kwiktime to watch the ful sized verzhun

mama sed she hopes this viddyo wil help intrest peepul in fostering and adopting reskyewd dogs sutch as myself and so menny of my frends owt their!!!  we may hav ben abandund wunse but we ar stil gud dogs!!!  i am not shoor why the viddyo glosses over sutch things as my running cold war with the ninja hedjhogs and my varyus fayld bizness ventchers and my reesent battel with sandy klaws but ummmm i gess that is not the sort of thing that wood be likely to entice foster homes

thank yoo evrywun for beeing my nice reederz and coming with me on my adventchers!!!  i cudnt do it withowt yoo!!!  happee noo yeer evrybuddy have a sayf eevning and i wil see yoo all nekst yeer!!!  ok bye

41 Comments on “me: too yeerz in revyoo

  1. Dennis,

    Boy do we know how important those foster homes are! I went straight from the adoption kennel to my home, but Lilac and Blueberry were both foster dogs. Actually, Lilac was such a good foster dog that she never left. Dad keeps saying something about not being done teaching her stuff yet. Whatever! We are very glad that you left wherever it was you were before and became one of our favorite internet stars! We wait to read about your adventures every day. We hope you have a happy, prosperous new year with lots more adventures!


    P.S. Your mom does great movies!


  2. Hi Dennis! Thank woo fur visiting my blog. I like your video, I did a year end post too but my mom only let me post photos. **looks at her**
    If you ever want to help me battle Gigantor, come over any time!
    Happy 2010 to you!!!



  3. What a fabulous video and a wonderful thing (beautifully done) to do for potential fosters. And look how healthy and bootiful you are today with such a loving furever family (and extended blog family too – so many pals, Dennis!). Thanks for sharing Mom!
    Big Hugs xo


  4. Dennis! That was a good movie. I really liked the flyball action shots. I was sorry that it didn’t include your adventures in furniture destuffing, but I guess they had to keep the movie short so the people would not get distracted while watching it.

    I hope it helps other pups such as yourselves find homes.


    P.S. I believe that a machine gun turret would fit quite nicely on my half door and am even now determining if this is something I can slip into momma’s LLBean shopping cart without her noticing.


  5. Wonderful slide show! I guess including the video of the window seat exploding would have not been the right thing to do…beautiful pics!

    Susana and Sadie


  6. Loved the slideshow Dennis – we can see how far you have come with all the love and attention your family provide. We are raising a glass to all of our friends at the Bells and hope you will join us. We also wish for all dogs to have loving homes!
    Happy New Year
    Martha & Bailey xxx


  7. We are looking forward to many more adventures in the coming years. Our lives are dull, so vicariously we live through yours. hehehe

    Misty the alpha Poodle


  8. Dennis, You are a lucky boy! What a wonderful retrospective! We love you and your momma and dadda!! Oh and Tucker and Trixie and Trouble too! Happy New Year!


  9. Wow! What a difference time has made, huh? I posted something on the Labrador Retriever Chat Board (Rescues Thread). So don’t be surprised if some other Labbies stop by to say hi!! D.

    Hi Dennis, you are lookin good these days because you sure were a big giant mess when you were found up in that canyon place and I want to know about flyball do you think old labrador retrievers like me could do something like that do they let you have treats afterwards because I’m not doing anything without a treat you know how that goes, right? Ok. Take care, and have some good noms in the new year. Your friend Clover

    Hey Denny Dude! What’s with this fyball stuff. Don’t go giving Herself any ideas, ok? I’m off to take a nap now. See ya in the new year. Your Dude Friend, Coz


  10. We are so furry happy to have met you this year. You have brought humor and smiles and made us so furry happy when we come to your bloggy. ♫Here’s to 2010♫ ☺PAW-ty ON☺

    Our momma says that the ONLY place to get fur-kids is RESCUE – RESCUE – RESCUE!


  11. Beautiful movie, Dennis! Look at the long, exciting road you have traveled in the last two years. Your Dada and Mama are truly exceptional people to have brought you so far, not to mention the Beautiful Trixie Doodles whom you rely on for good advice.

    I did miss seeing some of your more explosive acts, but as Mango said, perhaps it wouldn’t make people want to foster. Who knows? I myself went from 3 months in the slammer to my happy home, where I am loved and cherished and I offer that right back to my Mom. Animal Rescue is IT!

    Your pal Stella


  12. Good job, Dennis. People need to know how much they will get out of rescuing a dog (not just a Vizsla). . . . and there are lots of great dogs waiting for someone to find them and take them home.


  13. Wow! pawesome vid Dennis! YOur mom is talented! Loki was a rescue like you and Juno was a rescue too but didn’t have a sad start like you or Loki. that makes them extra special. Look how far you’ve come. Loki totally wants to try that fly ball thing. people have said he should cuz he’s fast like you!

    you have grown up to be so handsome and talented and you even have your own blog!
    wild dingo


  14. Oh my, this video made me smile BIG and made me happy. Dennis you are such a good doggie and I love how you have grown!
    The photos were lovely. I think you are a very happy doggie.
    Yay, Happy New year to all of you in the Dennis house 😀 mommie and dada and Pooh bear and Trixie and Trouble and Tucker too

    love always


  15. Most excellent slideshow! And all about you! How cool! I hope that it helps others find families that love them for life. (And just a thought, maybe your Mom didn’t put the de-stuffing pictures in because, well, sometimes you don’t want to tell ALL the truth when you are advertising….). Happy New Year!!!! I am so happy to have met you and have you as a friend!

    *kissey face*


  16. Woot woot! eye loves da videyo of yew growing in yer forever home. Eye hope to find my loving forebers home soon! *paws crossed*

    Much loves,


  17. This is a thing of beauty Dennis, and is likely to do some good, unlike our pointless holiday video.

    You landed in a good home didn’t you? 🙂

    Happy New Year you crazy pooch!


  18. That was a great video, Dennis. We are so glad you got a second chance at a wonderful life with your family. We are way behind with all of our blogs, the holidays just got too busy.

    We are very glad we got to know you this year. Happy New Year to you and wishes from us to you for a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder


  19. That was a great promotional video. My mom fostered a vizsla mom and her puppies. They were terrific fun. All adopted long ago. We didn’t know about your flyball stuff. That’s really impressive, in addition to all your other adventures. Happy New Year to you and your family.

    love & wags,


  20. That was a great video and we hope it encourages lots of people to donate their time and money to Vizsla rescue. You are a lucky dog, but I bet your family thinks they are lucky to have you too! I want to find out more about flyball. I think Sammy would excel at that sort of thing. He has so much energy and he is so agile and fast. Happiest of New Years to you and your family! We are so glad we became friends with you this year!


  21. hey Dennis, THAT’s a great video and your mumster’s love for you shines throughout the video

    loove that pic of you and your dadster and i trust do realise how loved you you, dear Dennis

    happy new year to you and your family and here’s to a wonderfully happy and healthy 2010



  22. geeeez, i must sack my assistant for NOT proof reading bol…..

    it should read as: ” ………. i trust YOU do realise how loved you ARE, dear Dennis”



  23. hi dennis the viszla, so that’s what bras & sistahs are for… pillows! all that running & chasing a ball that i couldn’t see has made me furry tired… must zzzzz.

    Happy New Year.. wishing you lots of belly rubs, cookies & funBALLz!



  24. Tell your mama Good job, Dennis, and I wish you and all your family and friends (which would be just about the entire Blogosphere? ) a safe, healthy, happy New Year.


  25. We are sooooooo glad you are living happily ever after Dennis, and that slideshow your Mama made will for sure make people morwe aware of how awesome it is to give rescue dogs homes!!

    Happy New Year Smileys!


  26. Dennis- I am glad you got rescued too! I got rescued twice. The first time all my brothers and sisters that I was borned with were sick and died, but a lady paid a lot of money to get me well, but then she couldn’t keep me either, so I went to live with my mom which was great because she didn’t make me stay in that metal wire box any more and I was a happier dog. Aren’t our ears the best? We have the best ears in dogdom!


  27. That’s an awesome video, Dennis! I’m so glad you have such an awesome family! 🙂

    Happy New Year!



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