happee noo yeer!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay happy noo yeer!!!  or as i like to call it happy lazy mama and dada day they slept until like sevven oklock kan yoo beleev it???  finaly i had to just start likking them in the fayse to wayk them up!!!

ennyway so heer it is in the noo yeer now i hav herd that menny peepul mayk noo yeerz rezolooshuns and mine is that i am finaly going to kollekt the munny wot all those afrikan bankers and lotteree aydjents oh me!!! yoo no hoo yoo ar yoo dedbeets!!! and wile i am at it i thawt i wood add a fyoo more to the list and then maybe i can finaly pay bak the tarp munny wot i lost wen my pig powders faktree went bust on akkownt of no wun wuz skayrd of the swine floo ennymore ok lets see wot valyooabul offers i hav pending!!!

wel that wuz a kompleet wayst of time!!! i wish peepul woodnt send owt junk eemayls like that!!! hmm maybe i hav a better wun sumware lets see oh yes this wun is mutch more promissing!!!

ha ha theez poor saps want to hide munny in owr air kondishuner that is the dummest thing i hav ever herd!!! but far be it frum me to tern down forty too millyun dollers!!! tawk abowt a happy noo yeer!!!!!! ha ha ok bye

40 thoughts on “happee noo yeer!!!

  1. Hickory the Wonder Dog would like to share your 40 Million dollars. You can send his share to him in care of me. He promises he will be your friend forever if you are the kind of dog who shares.


  2. Mom turns our A/C fan thingy on sometimes even in the winter, cause she says it helps blow our stink out. I don’t think we is stinky, I think it’s those cats, Just my opinion.. Anyhow, it’s been making a banging noise. I am gonna look for money. Have a Happy New Year Dennis!
    Your pal, Morgan


  3. Hiya Dennis and Trixie and Trouble and Tucker! Ooh, we can’t wait to read all your adventures in 2010 – your blog is one of our absolute favourites as you always get up to so much exiting stuff – we’re always on the edge of our seat when we read it, but our humans usually giggle, what’s up with that?!! Happy New Year!! Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.


  4. Ha! Momma slept until 6:30 AM (not quite as lazy as your mama and dada). I was kind of scared to wake her up so I sent PeeWee in to the sleepy room and he jumped right on the bed! Uh oh! Good thing she doesn’t move too fast in the morning.

    I am glad that you are going to be rich soon and your dada can spend all his time writing books for us to read.



  5. Hey, Dennis-

    I wuz even lazier than yer Mama and Dada today. I slept until my Mummy waked me up to go potty at 8:30 a.m. on akownt of the fact that Mummy and Daddy kept me up way past my bed time for sum foolishess called New Yeer’s Eve.

    Yer pal,


  6. Happy Noo Year Dennis, Tucker, Trixie and Trouble!!

    We dun know wat to do wif sterling either, the mom says dey is a pain in the BEEP, to clean. Ah so we shall pass on dis offer too.

    Ifs dey gots treats Dennis I wud be happy to split them wif yoo!!


    ::springs in my feet::
    ::springs in my feet::

    I is Jake!


  7. Our Mom slept late too – all the way to 7:20, that is very late for her. We tried to be very quiet but we were really getting hungry. We wish you and the family a lot of good things in 2010 – hope you figure out how to get all that money. We have lots of those promises in our spam folder.

    Tail wags, Phantom and Thunder


  8. Dennis I get emails like that all the time maybe we should take all their money and just leave the country!!! HAHAHAHA we could have a great time with it! Happy New year my new friend!


  9. We slept until 10:45am!

    As fur those MILLIONS, Mom says something about Xterra Juice and khanine transports…

    Happy 2010 to ALL of WOO!

    Let the dough roll!


  10. Why not make a quick trip to Ghana, look up those banker guys, and just bring the money home with you. They will see what a upstanding guy you are, Dennis, maybe take the Beautiful Trixie with you so they can see you are connected family wise, and poof! you are rich!

    Then you can come to Minniesnowda, and help me invest in a little Banana Oil Factory. A sure thing! I can’t wait!



  11. hahahhahah! i love reading these emails. i put mine away too so i can respond on my blog but i never get around to it!

    think of all the vizslas you can save with that kind of dough!

    happy woo year!
    wild dingo


  12. Hay Dennis Happy Noo Yeer! You kin git yerself sumthang purty nice with that there munny you filanthrowpist you!! Oh no wate mebbe that wurd is sposed to be missanthrowpist!! Well wichever wurd it is be shore to buy sum nice Kong balls and treets!!

    Yer pal Dozer


  13. Happy New Year Dennis and the pack! Love to read about all your adventures always and would sure love to share 40 million bucks’ worth of treats with you!!!!
    Hugs xo


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