its the sunday awards and meem show!!! with gest host wolvereen!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay for this weeks sunday awards and meem show i hav a speshul treet for yoo on akkownt of trixies gest hosting stint wuz so ineksplikably popyoolar i hav deesided to bring in another gest host so pleez put yore paws together for the faymus sooperhero wolverine!!!

shhhh ok evrybuddy wolvereen is inkogneeto so dont tel ennywun hoo he is!!! dont wurry wolvereen yore seekret identity as hyoodj akman is sayf with us!!!

ok now on to the awards and meems first i want to put up a kuple of links wot hav ben sent to me by nice reederz this week for organizayshuns wot do gud wurk for dogs!!! first is this site wot is dedikayted to helping peepul adopt reetiring military wurking dogs theez dogs hav helpd soldjerz in daynjerus lokayshuns and wen they ar dun with there serviss they deeserv gud homes to go to i wood enjooradj evrywun to visit this site and see wot it is all abowt!!!

nekst is pilots and pawz witch is an organizayshun wot puts pilots together with dogs wot need to be transported to help reskyew dogs git to there noo homes!!! i wood offer the servises of my majik flying koaster to them but apparently they prefer to yooze airplanes for sum strayndj reezon!!! ennyway theez and other links can be fownd in the reskyew and adopshun sekshun of my blogroll!!!

now heer is wolvereen to introdoose the first award this week tayk it away wolvereen!!! i meen hyoodj ackman!!!

thats rite wolver — ummm i meen mr hyoodj the first award is the onnest scrap award frum my gud frends at tales and tails!!!

now the roolz of the onnest scrap award ar that yoo must tel ten onnest things abowt yoreself so heer goze!!!

  1. i like to lie in wayt until tucker gits up to go yooze the bathrum or sumthing and then i steel his spot on the bed
  2. i hav a habbit of biting my armpits and wen mama ketches me she rolls me on my bak and puts powder their ewwwww!!!!
  3. i hav an entire kloset ful of identikal fedoras on akkownt of i seem to looze them freekwently
  4. evry nite wen mama lets me owt before bed i run arownd the yard luking for bunneez but i can never ketch them
  5. wen tucker tries to annoy me to deth by likking me i akchooally kind of like it a littel
  6. i like to slide off the fut of the bed and tayk the cuvvers with me to mayk a blanket fort on the floor
  7. wen i am playing fetch i wil only retreev the partikular toy i am in the mood to play fetch with and if dada throws sumthing else i wont bring it bak after all a dog has got to hav his standerds!!!
  8. tucker farts a lot
  9. wen i go for wawks with mama i am verry wel beehayvd but dada duznt beleev it becuz wen i go for wawks with mama and dada and tucker and trixie i jump arownd like a loonatik on akkownt of i am so happy to hav the hole pak with me
  10. sumtimes i wish i had a floofy tail and pantaloons like trixie duz!!!  duz that mayk me a crossdresser???

woo that wuz a hard list to come up with!!!  i wood like to tag my frends mango, mochi, debbie, sammie golden, asta, and the poodle and dog blog to do the onnest scrap nekst!!! ok and now a speshul treet from mr hyoodj ackman its a demonstrayshun of his yookeek tallents tayk it away wolverjackman!!!

ummmm hmmm ok that is not wot i wuz ekspekting but ennyway lets moov on nekst i wanted to let evrywun no abowt the calendar wot my frends norwood and velcro wer involvd with this is to support noo hope cattel dog reskyew!!! i wil be kollekting more reskyew links for the reskyew and adopshun sekshun and may eventchooally put them on there own paydj wunse i git enuf of them becuz all us dogs deeserv a gud home!!!

thats rite hughverine the last item is frum the ever prolifik purple hatter!!!!!

thanks purple hatter we luv yore blog too!!! purple hatter handed this owt to his hole blog roll so i will do the saym!!! And thats a rap up for the week lets giv a big hand to gest host hugh jackman hoo is not wolvereen!!!!

then agin maybe he is!!! ok bye

31 thoughts on “its the sunday awards and meem show!!! with gest host wolvereen!!!

  1. Well, I do say….some of that information you shared was quite hilarious! LOL I love that you all are full of energy! Keep it going strong for 2010! It has just begun! 🙂


  2. DENNIS! How did you ever get that gorgeous, multi-talented Hugh Jackman to agree to be on your Awardz blog. I can’t imagine a big time guy like him willing to spend Sunday on your blog.

    Please, please tell me how to get him! I love Hugh Jackman!

    I promise I will have a whole new respect for you, Dennis, if you do this for me.



  3. You have a speck of Wolverine on your blog. Over there…no higher…got it!
    #10 – You might be a transfurstite but don’t worry about it, furry pantaloons are going to be HUGE in 2010.


  4. Great start to the New Year, Dennis. I had no idea that military and other working dogs would need to look for a home; don’t their handlers want them? In Malaysia there are very few working dogs, but the ones I have met are all housed with their families when they retire. Their human pets insist! Hope your blog post helps out those pooches.

    And yes, it IS good to have two books out on the shelves!!! I’m grinning from ear to ear.


  5. I had to push through the throngs of screaming women to actually get to your bloggie…. Could you pick a less popular guest host in the future? (Although after those gold pants, he might not be so popular…) Um, I don’t think that wanting fluffy panty-loons makes you a cross-dresser, it just makes you, ah, open-minded and possibly metro-sexual, but since I don’t actually know what that last one is, you may or may not be. But since you can carry off pretty much any look, I’d say go for it!

    *kissey face*


  6. Dennis I loved the honest things you told about yourself. I am still laughing, about you sometimes wanting a floofy tail, and you wondering if you were a crossdresser. You are hilarious. Picturing you in pantaloons is just too funny!!!
    From your friends ,feline and canine at
    Boo-Bahs Little Sunshines


  7. Hugs Dennis,
    I think that this is our first “Sunday awards and meem” show. Thanks for the great information about dog rescues.
    LOL @ fort at the end of the bed. One night I woke up to find my pup sleeping under my knees! I don’t know she kept from getting smushed but she did. Ever since she thinks that cold weather means sleeping burrowed up under the covers.

    She doesn’t like cold weather at all.

    She’s also a fashion diva and thinks that wearing pantaloons and fluffy tails would be worth the cost of hair extensions.


  8. Hugh Jackman is so cool (from my mom). Congrats on the awards. We’re still working on getting Dot off the ground with the Pilots & Paws.

    love & wags,


  9. OM Dawg OM DAWG! Hugh Jackman…. slobber, droool, slobber, drool…thank you thank you thank you… oh, what was your topic about now? 😉

    re: acting like a loon when dad goes on walks but normal w/mom… That’s how Loki got his Retardo Montelban nickname! when he’s w/mom at school or special training clinic, like a warehouse or doing search, he’s like Johnny on the Spot, perfect in every way, does his “job” and does it well..then enter Poppy and Juno and boom! he turns into RETARDO MONTELBAN! Jumping up and down, whining like a little girl. sigh. you and Loki would get a long.

    re: wishing you had pantyloons. well, if i have another contest, which i may this year, and if you enter, i will give away free jodhpurs, which are a bit smaller than pantyloons, and a bit more manly. girls can wear jodhpurs but boys who wear pantyloons, yes, i’m sorry to say, makes them a cross dresser. I’m just sayin. but you have time to redeem yourself and wish for jodhpurs instead.

    finally: we are surprised you didn’t choose our alien theme for favorite wild dingo 2009 header… it was the ONLY movie them in theme among them. what’s WRONG with you maaaaan? 😉

    wild dingo


  10. pee ess: we love the Military dog retirement adoption site. we bookmarked it and will consider it when we move back here in a few years. i think it’s an excellent idea!


  11. I love your guest host this week! 🙂 Congrats on your awards and I’ll get to work on my honest scrap!

    Would you like to try on my pantyloons? 🙂



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