41 thoughts on “so their i wuz just wawking along minding my own bizness wen suddenly

  1. That was like one of those scary poltergeist videos. I was terrified. Maybe Trixie isn’t my kind of gal after all.



  2. I think Trixie might be holding a little grudge from when you tried to marry her off to Bettlejuice, beatlejuice, buetlejuice!


  3. Dennis, you’re afraid of a CHICK? hahahahah! well, technically, you should be. doggie chicks are not to be messed with. even if you’re just walking around minding your business. you should know to mind your business elsewhere!

    pee ess: we love the Military dog retirement adoption site from yesterday’s post. we bookmarked it and will consider it when we move back here in a few years. i think it’s an excellent idea!

    wild dingo


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