28 thoughts on “so their i wuz just wawking along stil minding my own bizness wen suddenly

  1. Are he and Trixie up to a surprise or something they don’t want you to see? I am sure it is something good, but why did he have to bitey you about it? I can see that you backed up like he told you to.



  2. I am with Bunny..Dennis, do you smell funky clean or somethin’?? Mama had to laugh when I too got up and tried to get you to stay in that room!



  3. Wow, Dennis – you have a big problem there – what will happen tomorrow? We think you need to enlist some help from the humans and do your own sneak attack on Trixie and Tucker.

    Tail wags, Phantom and Thunder


  4. I think that it told this: “Hey!We are at tv.Let’s play abit together”! :))
    Funny video.I like these dogs a lot.

    Have a great day,Dennis!


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