so their i wuz just sitting their minding my own bizness wen suddenly

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay as yoo may hav gessd as a reezult all theez sneek attaks and strayndj beehayvyors i hav ben feeling a littel bit put upon laytly so yoo can imadjin my dismay wen i suddenly fownd myself lokd in a rum all alone with dada!!!

i dont no wot wuz going on owt their but i am shoor it wuz nuthing gud!!! finaly mama kaym to my reskyew as yoo can see but stil no wun has enny ansers for me!!! so i hav deesided to go tawk to the wun persun in the howse wot is always in the no abowt wot is going on and by persun i meen kitty thats rite i am shoor trouble is beehind sumhow!!!

ummmmm hmmm that wuz just weerd sumthing verry verry sinister is going on heer!!! it can only be wun thing evrybuddy must be beeing mind controlld by eevil alien slugs frum owter spayse wot stowd away on the spayse chikken koop on owr reetern trip frum the horribul planet of the spayse chikkens!!! i wil hav to do sum reesertch and find owt wot the best way to defeet eevil alien mind control slugs is!!! meenwile dont tel them i no wot they ar up to ok????? thanks ok bye

Meanwhile …

30 Comments on “so their i wuz just sitting their minding my own bizness wen suddenly

  1. Trouble is sleeping in the poopy box? That cannot be good. Hey! I know when those lockdowns happen it usually means something like ear cleaning time. I would not be so quick to follow mama if I were you.



  2. FINALLY…your Mom came and saved you! That happens to me sometimes too but I don’t have a good bark like you…I just whine! 🙂 Hope you had a Happy New Year!!



  3. in terms you can understand: that’s a strange kitty wut sleeps in his own litterbox. 🙂


  4. I just love how you guys manage to work out all the crazy stuff that happens at your house! We must all be “family,” right? 🙂


  5. This is more than a little serious, Dennis, I suspect some space worms have embedded themselves in the brains of your canine and feline relatives. More serious than anyone could imagine.



  6. Arghhhhh!!! Evil snails! You’d better keep that hat on… and avoid the mind-control spiders too. They’re dangerous!



  7. Be careful Dennis! We have snails that look like that in my yard…they’re always trying to sneak up on me!



  8. Hi Dennis!

    I make those bark, grumble noises too! I like how it feels in my throat, so once I get going, I have a hard time stopping.



  9. Dennis- Getting locked in a room alone? Oh, no! Don’t stand for it! Bark, scratch, no matter how bad they tell you that is. Nothing is worse than locked up! Maggie.


  10. Trouble kitty is a shifty character I tell you. It probably isnt litter in there at all but some crazy rocks that will help in world domination.


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