The Love Pup

After my audacious escape from the ghost containment grid in which I was wrongly imprisoned, I have resumed my duties at the university. Unfortunately, my office was heavily damaged when the Ghostbusters crossed the streams, so I have moved into temporary quarters in the Department of Automotive Studies. Here they are working on a project to create a car with an artificial intelligence, one that can, they say, almost drive itself. It sounds like the stuff of science fiction to me, but I will do what I can to help them; I love riding in the car, and one that drives itself would never get tired of ferrying me around town or to the dog park. They even have a prototype, and the prototype has a name: Herbie.

It seems I have arrived at the perfect time, as they are in need of someone daring, someone bold, someone who is completely unafraid of taking on untested technology at dire risk of life and limb. I am that someone!

However there are some risks that are simply stupid.

Once that’s settled, and I have some more acceptable companions for this test drive, we are ready to go.

On the open highway, I urge my colleagues to, as the say, put the pedal to the metal!

Unfortunately they take it a little too far, threatening to dump us all out onto the pavement around a hairpin turn!

But we manage to recover from the near-disaster and continue passing other vehicles right and left and right and left, racing at breakneck speed through the hills!

We pull over at a conveniently-located migrant worker tent city alongside the freeway, where we let our clown market-test subject out of the vehicle. My colleague, the dean of Automotive Studies, could not be more pleased with the vehicle’s performance, and neither could I. Very impressive, Beetle. Very impressive.

It looks like the conclusion of another successful day here at the university! Although I feel as if there’s a strange presence behind me … but I’m sure it is only my imagination. In any case I am looking forward to a leisurely drive back to the campus followed by a nice dinner and a quiet nap; because I am Dennis the Vizsla, and I never give up … a chance for a ride in the car!

34 thoughts on “The Love Pup

  1. i am actually old enough to have seen the original movie in the theatre, DAMN!! and yes dennis, it was very wise of you not to get in the car with LL, i don;t think that she has the best safety record when it comes to driving.


  2. This isn’t over, is it, Dennis? More trouble is coming. The Beetle will need more juice, won’t it? A bad boy is right behind you. You had better be careful, Dennis! Hear?



  3. Maisie and I would like to order one as soon as they become available. If you see a list, please put our name on it. If they come with racing stripes, and a rear spoiler, we would like to have those added.
    your pal, Morgan


  4. That’s funny, I thought that the “love bug” was something that requires an injec– huh? LOL Oops. Wrong “love bug”.

    Glad to hear you made it through all this in on piece!


  5. A car that drives itself? We would like it. So many trips to petsmart, Kahoots, Petco, wherever nyla bones are! Or course the pesky cats would want to go to the fancy feast factory. You were brave Dennis to ride in an untested vehicle.
    From the not so human gang at
    Boo-Bahs Little Sunshines


  6. Oh Dennis, you are afraid of nothing! Now as you may remember we have a bassetmobile which is a beetle – we will now be seeing if it will drive itself and overtake everything on the road……
    we are not allowed to have our heads out the window like you though! That would be cool – to have the wind in our ears!
    Martha & Bailey xx


  7. I would like to have the chance for a ride in the car like them ;))
    The clown it’s really scared :))
    I think that he will search another job after this dangerous ride ;))

    Have fun,Dennis! 🙂


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