its the sunday awards and meem show!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay its time for the sunday awards and meem show!!! i wuz not abel to attrakt enny gest hosts or myoozikal entertaynmint this week on akkownt of i spent all my munnies on hyoodj ackman last week but i hope to hav another gest agin soon meenwile it is just me and tucker presenting awards this week!!!

ok first an annownsmint!!! as yoo may hav herd mangominster 2010 is gitting underway now i am not judjing this yeer on akkownt of simon and pawla hav had a falling owt but if yoo want to see my judjing frum last yeer yoo can revoo it heer insted i hav enterd in the sporty groop this yeer!!! however mango has grayshushly agreed to let me host a flyball turnamint relayted to the eevent so keep watching heer for further deetayls!!! ok now on to the awards!!!

ok first we hav got a payr of awards frum the ledjenderry purple hatter!!! wun is the ahhh kyoot puppy award

and the other is the satterday surprize award!!!

wow that is a grate likeness of me but i just reealized i am not waring my hat tooday and i mayd myself a speshul wun on akkownt of the alien snayl invayzhun hang on and let me put it on rite now!!!

now per the purple hatters instrukshuns i am to giv owt the puppy power award to my blogroll so if yoo ar on my blogroll and yoo hav puppy power then pleez tayk it!!! the only reekwirements is it cannot go bak to the purple hatter also per his instrukshuns but pleez giv him a link bak!!!

ok nekst is the showing sum luv award frum my gud frend cocorue!!!

the astoot reeder wil rekognize this as anuther purple hatter creayshun!!! now cocorue has askd us to shayr this award with five frends and i hav deesided to tayk a kyoo frum cocorue and giv it to the last five nice reederz wot left a comment for me and in order they ar:

ok and the last award is the sooperyor skribbler award frum my gud frend mango relentlessly hyoodj!!!

now this award is intended for blogs wot display enthooziazm and kreeaytivity in riting about the things wot they luv most in life for me that wood be mama and flyball and adjility and mama and stuffies and mama!!! and of korse my hats i luv my hats!!!

i wood like to pass this along to the following frends hoo rite abowt things wot ar important to them!!!

and thats a rap for the sunday awards and meem show ware for wunse nuthing weerd or untoward or disgusting has happend!!!  ok bye

22 thoughts on “its the sunday awards and meem show!!!

  1. Dennis,

    That is one awesome hat! I wish I was a celebrity! I’d offer to guest host if I were. I think that it would be a most entertaining experience!

    Good luck in Mango Minster!



  2. If you want a famous guest host, I would recommend trying for Jim Carrey or Jake Gyllenhaal. They are not bad looking, either one, and you sure don’t hear much about them anymore. Maybe you could get them cheap. Check it out, Dennis. Did Tucker really eat that snail? You should remove the one from his head too, I don’t think its a good idea its up there for a long time.

    Just a few suggestions,



  3. Congratulations on your Awards.
    Loved the one with you and your hat!
    Thank you for sharing the showing some love with us.
    We are hoping you will be able to give us some professional advice this year to help us as judges.
    Martha & Bailey xxx


  4. Hey Dennis-
    Just me, the wayward Brutus stopping by to say hi. Mom saw someone had your blog in their “following” list along with all their Blogger blogs, mom is trying to figure out how to do that so she can actually remember to come visit sometimes. Silly human….

    Brutus the Frenchie


  5. “the all time puppy power and adventure award”? yip, that would be you!!!! congratulations. juuuuuust perfect! and thank you dennis for thinking of me. you are such a sweetie, come, cuddle time!!!


  6. Ah Dennis, Please tell Tucker that chewing gum covered in butter from the trash can also taste alittle like escargo. Better to bat it around with your paw first and see if it sticks to anything before you try and eat it.

    Rosie, Domi, Izzy, and Jack all wanted to say thanks for adding us to your blog roll.


  7. mmm snails, those are a delicacy for sure. This was a good awards show, you don’t need all those celebrities buddy. Well, unless you can get one of my Steelers or something.


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