desprit times call for desprit mezhures!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay as yoo may hav herd i hav ben unaybel to convinse ennywun that theez alien snayls ar a thret despite the eevil and insiddyus effekt they hav ben having on tucker and trixie chek it owt!!!

as far as i can tel tho the snayl on troubles hed isnt having mutch of an effekt on her

ennyway i am stil trying to formyoolayt a plan to deefeet theez eevil alien snayls and send them bak ware they kaym frum i wil keep evrywun posted on how it goze!!! ok bye

Meanwhile …

30 thoughts on “desprit times call for desprit mezhures!!!

  1. Oh, I have a hard time saying goodbye to the mind controlling snails, though. Has anybody asked them whether they really are aiming for world domination? Because maybe they just want to convince more people to stop putting salt on them. In which case they were silly to plant themselves on a bunch of dogs…


  2. I would be freaked out by all the dog beds on top of the furnitures. Surely that alone is indication that there is evil at work.



  3. Who is that guy looking in the porthole at Mulder? He looks fairly human but in Dennis’s freaky adventures you never know.
    Say, that Trouble is a clever kitty, isn’t she?

    Stay tuned!



  4. Hmmmmmnnn… I think Trouble is more of a problem than her headsnail. Hlepful hints there Admin. But what is in Mulder’s jar??? Inquiring mind here.
    xo Sammie


  5. Dennis
    I am wooting fow you..I am despewately afwaid of those hideous alien slimy snails..ummm, I do not have anything against eating them wif a lot of gawlic buttew though..pawhaps , you could entice them into a skillet?
    smoochie kisses


  6. Mama says you should invite Wolverine aka Hugh Jackman, he along with Mulder and Scully of course, could take down those snails…Either that, or maybe Emeril???

    then again…my Mama is a geek….


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