44 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Can’t See Me

  1. Well, actually, yes, I can see you. Even the Mango knows that if your face is covered then the rest of you is invisible. Try going in head first next time.



  2. oh yes i cannot see you……..dream on Dennis, bol……..
    try covering yourself completely the next time but i’ll still know it’s you!!!

    i like you like this though


  3. I think you are most likely hiding from those alien mind controlling snails…in that case, as long as your head is covered you should be ok!!

    Hang in there Dennis, I will talk to the Pup Scouts about forming a rescue mission!!



  4. Hi Dennis! Sorry (again!) for not visiting for ages! Gosh, you’re lucky to be able to snuggle under the covers like that. My humans don’t even let me put a paw on their bed! 😉 hey – what do you mean about leaving all the guarding to Trixie? I thought you were leading your family in fight against all your marauding Smurf/alien/chicken/hedgehog/God-knows-what-else invaders to your house?? 😆

    Honey the Great Dane


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