42 thoughts on “The Truth Is Out There. No, That Way. Seriously, You Just Missed It.

  1. So that french dish I inhaled last night, escargot de Bourgogne, was in fact killer alien snails? I thought they left a strange after taste. I just assumed it was that expensive bottle of ripple I had with them. Silly me.


  2. Wait a minute. I seem to recall some other invaders on the hill behind that fence sometime last year. Anyway, time to break out the butter and garlic.



  3. Sometimes Dennis we are just sooo confused – what is it with the tin foil hats?
    Anyways we have asked mum to keep us empty foil containers and we will each place this on our head……..we don’t know why but we trust you!


  4. LOVE the tin foil hats! Btw, Dennis, you inspired us to sign Sammy up for beginner flyball training. Sammy really needs to be involved in team sports to keep him out of trouble!


  5. Scully and Mulder are old news, they are just not with it anymore, so don’t waste your time with has-beens,
    Dennis. If you want to solve this snail invasion, find somebody who is up on whats happening now!



  6. TaiChi TOTALLY approves of Trouble’s approach to permits. (She’s muttering something about ‘money talks’…) Anyway, I agree with Stella – Scully and Mulder are total has-beens; I’d see out the people on Fringe. In the meantime, I think I’m going to go find some tinfoil…

    *kissey face*


  7. If the Cigarette Smoking Man shows up, I’m going to be really worried! Maybe they need the Lone Gunmen for help! These snailians are starting to creep into my nightmares!



  8. Having crossed tracks many times I’m using the excuse of a new PC tower to explore blogs I have missed before.

    Hi Dennis, I want 3 of he snails in garlic butter for luncheon, SVP?


  9. Animal Lovers,

    I ask all the animal lovers around the area to join our animal rescue forums. Our message board are/is dedicated to discussing everything pet related, but our major emphasis is pet rescue.

    Anyway, thanks for the blog post, it was a good read 🙂


  10. (I’m posting comments backwards in time, sorry.) All but one of these photos are fine, and the fonts are all normal again. In following post, fonts are giant and photos bleed out on right edge, though I still see all three columns of your site. I’m still using Explorer, on a PC…

    ADDITIONALLY, I always knew Scully was a ninny. Who shops at Prada and still retains any ability to spot extra-terrestrial snail invasions, anyway??


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