35 thoughts on “Observed Around The Yard

  1. Wow, Mango, that is deep stuff.

    So now what, we just have Ninja Hedgehogs to deal with? How did we get rid of them last time? Trouble, did she do it?

    Aw, Dennis, this is just a whole lot of nasties.



  2. I am gathering the pup scouts Dennis….But looks like the snails won’t be a problem for you…need help with those silly ninja hedgehogs???



  3. oh no, they got Mulder. He might go in for world domination or something, I think the snails seem pretty peaceful though.
    Go ninja hedgehogs! I would like one of them to play with.
    ~lickies, Ludo


  4. Okay, I didn’t see THAT coming! Who’d’ve thunk it that the ninja hedgehogs would actually be, erm, useful? Did they bring they own saute pans? I would think that would be required equipment for every ninja hedgehog…. At least that got rid of Scully and Mulder. I hope!

    *kissey face*


  5. Oh no! Ninja Hedgehogs! Just what we need. Hey, can I have one of those snails. I could use it as a door stop. Be careful Dennis…there’s all kinds of weird things going on outdoors!


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