My Big Fat V Wedding

With the unexpected return of that guy, Beetlemeyer, it seems that I now have to live up to my side of the bargain and convince Trixie to marry him. It will not be easy; Beetlemeyer smells funny, he appears to carry no treats, and he looks like the Joker. This could well be my greatest challenge yet …

I begin my efforts with some subtle questions designed to elicit Trixie’s views on the institution of marriage:

Trixie, not unexpectedly, is at first resistant to the idea of marrying a smelly, uncouth ghost. “Girl talk” with her friends does not help Beetlemeyer’s chances.

Beetlemeyer and I decide to seek out advice from Tucker, who has, after all, known Trixie longer than either of us. Unfortunately, this discussion turns out to be less than fruitful.

Undaunted, Beetlemeyer continues to press his suit.

However, Trixie appears to consider him a nuisance.

Then, remarkably, she has a change of heart!

The arrangements are made quickly; Trixie is nothing if not brisk and efficient. And without much delay, the ceremony begins. Oh what a joyous occasion!

A hush falls over the gathering as the vows are said. At least, until I blurt something out.

Yes, it’s another happy ending, with cake for everyone! Or at least, almost everyone.

But don’t be sad for me, readers! No doubt there will be some plates in the trash that have cake left on them, and I will find them — because I am Dennis the Vizsla, and I never give up!

23 thoughts on “My Big Fat V Wedding

  1. Well thank god THAT didn’t work out. Speaking of dogs eating cake, I was at a birthday party yesterday where it was brought up that the family dog had snuck into a plate of cupcakes and eaten three of them, including the paper. And then got very sick. So my question is, should I stop feeding dogs paper?


  2. Thank heavens that Trixie is One Smart Cookie! Mmmmm. Cookies… And cake. Did someone mention cake? I’ll take some, even if Tucker has licked it a bit. It’s all about sharing, right?

    *kissey face*

    PS: Good job, Trixie!!!


  3. I am appalled that you would even, for one measly moment, consider trying to marry the Beautiful Trixie to ghostly Mr. Mildew. She is your SISTER, Dennis! He is a nasty YUK!

    Ahhhh, this is just too much!



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