its the sunday awards and meem and flyball preshow!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay welkum to yet anuther instalmint of the sunday awards and meem and flyball preshow!!!  thats rite this week we ar beginning owr long awayted paralel programming with mangominster 2010 its the mangominster flyball turnamint!!!  so that mayks this the flyball preshow!!!

ok before we beegin the awards and meems and flyball preshow i wood like to poynt yore attenshun to a kuple more animals wot need home!!! first owr frends yore daily kyoot and daisy the curly cat and harley davidson the motorcycle kitty hav both feetcherd two kitties hoo need to go to a home together wun is blind and the other has wun eye and servs as the blind kitties gide kitty!!! theez kitties rely on eetch other and need to be adopted together i hope they find a gud home soon!!!

hay luk hoo is heer!!! its mango!!! mango is the host of mangominster and the kaptin of wun of the flyball teems!!! i of korse am kaptin of the other teem!!! but we ar frendly rivals just like the yankies and the red socks!!!

nekst wun of my nice reederz sent me this informayshun abowt bear a dog hoo wuz adopted by mareenz in the mithical land of afganistan hoo ar now trying to bring him bak to the mithical land of the yoonited stayts yoo can see his dogster profile heer and his website heer if yoo wood like to help!!!

its my frend asta!!! asta is on my flyball teem!!! welkum asta i dont think yoo wil need yore kote for warmth but it shoor luks gud!!!

and finaly i hav herd that mama and dada sent sum plastik munny to dwb witch is not dogs with blogs but is in fakt doktors withowt borders wich i gess meens they do not no how to stay beetween the lines wen yoozing a coloring buk ennyway i gess on akkownt of there shaym at there inability to color properly theez doktors travel the wurld helping peepul in playses like haiti becuz sumtimes hyoomans need help just like animals do!!! mama and dada didnt giv as mutch munny to dwb as brangelina did on akkownt of they ar cheepskayts but evry littel bit helps!!!

hay its martha and bailey basset!!! they ar on mangos teem!!! welkum bassets!!! ok now on to the awards!!! first is the circle of frends award frum my gud frend doraz!!!

thanks for this award doraz!!! now this award has the following roolz:

  • list 5 things wot mayk yoo happy
  • try to do at leest wun thing on the list today
  • list 5 bloggers wot briten yore day and pass it on to five frends
  • link bak to the persun wot gayv yoo this award and per … perpet … ummm keep the happy going with yore lists and reesipyents and wotnot

oh yeah i am all abowt keeping the happy going!!! but first sumwun else is at the door!!!

hay it is owr first mangominster kontestant representativ eetch teem wil hav wun!!! this is byron and he is on mangos teem welkum byron!!! ok ennyway on to the award presentayshun heer ar fiv things wot mayk me happy and if they mayk me happy they cant be that baaaaaadddddd rite sheryl crow??? rite!!!

  • playing fetch — alreddy dun today so chek!!!
  • destroying eevil stuffeez wot ar plotting wurld dominayshun
  • sitting on mamas lap
  • eeting treets
  • flyball and adjility — wel those wil be coming soon yup yup!!!

i wood like to pass this along to the following frends:

hang on i heer sumwun at the door!!!

why its ike!!! ike is on mangos teem too!!! gosh ware is the rest of my teem??? ennyway welkum to the show ike!!! ok now on to the nekst award wich is the sweet blog award frum the purple hatter!!!

now the only rool with this award as with all of purple hatters awards is that purple hatter cannot git it bak!!! i wood like to pass this award along to brutus the frenchie on akkownt of it has a pikcher of a tooth on it and his mama is a dentist!!!

why it is tucker owr other kontestant representativ tucker is on my teem welkum tucker!!!

ok nekst up my noo frend corve da costa tagd me to tel ten things yoo didnt no abowt me!!! i am not shoor their ar ten things left abowt me wot ar seekrets but i wil giv it a try!!!

  1. i think that wile i wuz owt in the canyon i had a run in with sum barbd wire at leest that is wot peepul tel me wen they luk at my scars however i tel peepul they ar nife skars frum wen i filmd the faymus viddyo beet it wot is abowt slicing vedjtabuls
  2. sumtimes i git to go to the stoodyo with mama and dada and watch them danse
  3. i am afrayd to wawk on hardwood floors on akkownt of i dont no wot the hek that stuf is
  4. tucker farts a lot
  5. at nite after i settel in to go to sleep i always giv wun grayt big sigh of happyness or posibly dijestchun
  6. i luv to play tug but only with stuffeez not with reel tug toys
  7. i run away from dogs wot bark at me eeven if they only way like wun pownd
  8. i pee on my sister sumtimes
  9. i am not mutch of a watch dog but i doo hav a speshul howly bark wot i yooz wen sumwun comes to the door
  10. i can only kownt to nine

hang on sumwun else is at the door now!!!

wel its khyra!!! hello khyra!!! she is also on mangos teem so mangos teem is now kompleet wile mine is stil only haff popyoolayted i am gitting wurreed!!! and khyra is a littel more of a diva then i wuz ekspekting her to be!!! oh wel we wil deel with it!!! ok nekst up is a meem frum my frend stephanie of stop bownsing ware yoo hav to mayk a story yoozing siks songs frum yore ipod i do not hav an ipod but dada duz so i stole his for this meem heer goze!!! i am copy paysting so the speling mite luk weerd!!!

Where were you when I needed you, the night you murdered love? When your heart was young, I thought you were on my side; will you remember? That’s how I knew this story would break my heart.

Where Were You (When I Needed You)? The Adult Net
The Night You Murdered Love? ABC
When Your Heart Was Young, The Adventures
Thought You Were on My Side; Cock Robin
Will You Remember? The Cranberries
That’s How I Knew This Story Would Break My Heart Aimee Mann

hay wow that is depressing dada needs to git himself sum happier songs i think!!!

it is moose of the suthernmost moose lodj!!! moose is on my teem!!! welcome moose!!! ok now on to the last award it is the direktors choyse award from the purple hatter!!!

thank yoo so mutch for this award purple hatter!!! per purple hatters roolz i must pass this along to three other dog bloggers so i wood like to giv it to:

uh oh we ar all owt of awards and sum of my teem is stil missing!!! wot wil i do??? oh wayt hoo is that at the door???

its norwood and tula hoo traveld heer together!!! welcome!!! now the teems ar all assembuld and yoo no wot that meens!!!

oh its on!!! ok bye

29 thoughts on “its the sunday awards and meem and flyball preshow!!!

  1. Please help me!
    Please help me!!
    Please help me!!!

    Evfurrybody nose I’m not a diva…
    Evfurrybody nose I’m not I would not order a ‘cat’ to do something…

    The REAL Khyra
    PeeEssWoo: YO KHAT: PLEASE GET MY MOM SOME AGJ NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Hey, we see Khyra is crying for help – what is going on with her anywat – look at her ears!!! And she doesn’t woo, and she would never be so demanding. Dennis, this is a big mystery for you to figure out. Please help Khyra.

    Tail wags, Phantom and Thunder


  3. Whewe to begin

    well fiwst..thank you fow that welcome and i’m weady to play my eawt out fow you and youw team!!!!
    I hope those kitties get fuwwevew homes togethew, I wish i had a big house and lots of $ so i could go awund adopting fuwwfwiends..I think youw Mama and dadda awe way bettew that bwangelina..ok, so she has loads of money and helps ,but it’s also pub licity and youw mama and dadda awe just cawing and wondewful
    Congwatulations on yuw miwiad awawds!!! I can’t think of anyone who needs it mowe..Pleez tell Twouble, I’ll call Fwesh diwect and have them bwing mowe tuna
    smoochie kisses,ASTa


  4. Well, I hope you all have a special room that you can keep all of these amazing awards you receive! CONGRATS to you ALL! 🙂 Have a fantastic week! 🙂


  5. Holy crap, Dennis! That is amazing! How did we ever all fit in your house? I cannot wait to see the action.



  6. Hi Dennis, as ever a very cool Award post!
    How nice for Bailey to come visit – nice for her to meet you!
    We understand we are to be on Mango’s team – that is actually the only thing we understand – we know you will keep us right Dennis – given it is a friendly game!
    Martha & Bailey xxx


  7. hey dennis the vizsla ummm.. could i get a breath mint? tuna- need i smell more!

    whoo miss kyhra sure is somethang.

    let the flyball games begin!


  8. Wow, I’m actually allowed on a flyball team? How exciting. You know I do have some flyball training in my background, so I’m kind of a pro. I mean granted I dropped the ball 10 or 12 times but I was really good at jumping over those massive hurdles. Who runs cleanup. Oh, I’m hoping your talking about Tucker the Vizla cause I’m not really a farter, more a burper.

    woof- Tucker


  9. Oh boy Dennis, I can’t wait. I am glad to be on your team so I don’t have to touch the ball that Mango leaves his most corrosive suds on!
    Congrats on your awards too. I loove to tug too but no idea why momma keeps shoving these long rubbery ‘tug’ toys at me when everyone knows stuffies are best for tugging!


  10. Sheesh, what is UP with Khyra!?? I sure wish I was a judge this year, I would have loved to play flyball with you guys!! Trouble really needs to work on etiquette and manners.


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