a skolarly treetis on the mango minster flyball turnamint!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay now that evrywun is heer it is time for a kwik run throo on how the flyball turnamint is going to wurk!!!  ok lets all git owt owr marbul notebuks!!!

ok first heer is a pikcher of a sampul flyball korse it consists of a seereez of jumps with a boks at the end we wil git bak to the boks in a minnit now dooring the akchooal rayse their wil be too of theez korses side by side eetch has a flag persun at the start hoo wil wayv the flag wen their is a fowl sutch as a missd jumpd or a dropd bal i hav hired sum imparshal helpers to do the flag wayving chek it owt:

ummmmm wel wot can i say they wer the lowest bidders for the job ok now on to the boks the boks is a contrapshun wot shoots a tennis bal into the air wen the rayser steps on the trigger playt the rayser has to ketch the bal in there mowth and run bak to the starting poynt withowt dropping the bal and withowt missing enny jumps otherwise their is a penaltee!!!

eetch rayse consists of fore dogs running wun rite after the other a teem representativ sutch as the kaptin wil stand behind the boks and relode it after eetch dogs run so that their is a bal wayting for the nekst dog the teem with the shortest time inklooding enny penalteez is the winner of that rayse!!!

as yoo can see i am waring my fedora evrywun on my teem wil be waring a hat dooring the raysing so that yoo can tel us apart from mangos teem!!! ummmm hay mango by the way yoo hav to stop noshing on the bal and put it in the boks!!! ok ennyway that is a summaree of the roolz and now let me introdoose the judje for the flyball turnamint this judje wil mayk shoor that evrything is on the up and up and no wun starts raysing too erly or misses enny jumps welkum oc of corgi country!!!

and their yoo hav it the roolz of the flyball turnamint in a nutshel!!! toon in tomorro for the first rayse of the turnamint!!! ok bye

30 thoughts on “a skolarly treetis on the mango minster flyball turnamint!!!

  1. Wow – so many contests and tournaments coinciding with the Mango’s big “do.” Yours sounds furry athletic what with jumps and boxes with balls shooting out – sort of like paintball??? I think I’d be afraid of getting hit by one of those bulletballs as i was jumping… or do I have it all rong??? It would be fun to be in your contest Dennis, even though I vowed not to wear a hat in 2010 haha – breaking my New Year’s revolution already? Watch those ninjas…
    Hugs xo


  2. I just KNOW the tennisball will slip right out of our khlutches!

    PeeEssWoo: Mom says that was TOOOO T-like fur your word to be WINGS at Ziggy’s Blog! And yes, Trixie and Ziggy look like siblings separated at birth!


  3. Scampi says, me, me me, I will play flyball, as long as there is a ball I will play!so how do I play?
    -Scampi, the confused….


  4. Wow, another contest 🙂 This sounds athletic and out of my league, I’m afraid. Not to worry, I’ll keep myself posted and if I decide I can, count me in. Best of luck with your endeavor.


  5. Hi Dennis,

    I can’t wait for the first race to start tomorrow… this is going to be an exciting tournament. You’re kidding right? Did Ike really eyeing on Troubles green papers? I don’t have much green papers to give but I have treats to barter… 🙂

    Licks, hero


  6. Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my page. Always looking for some new pals. Hope you keep in touch.

    So…how did you learn to do flyball? They don’t do that at our training club, but we have seen it and it looks like fun.


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