potato potahto lets call the hole thing off!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel i hav ben informd by owr judj that all the tennis bals ar gawn and i hav to find replaysment tennis bals but i dont hav enny munny on akkownt of i paid it all to the ninja hedjog flagmen so now i am not shoor that the mango minster flyball turnamint can kontinyoo it is verry sad!!!

Moments later …

And then …

Later …

Meanwhile, the investigation continues …

33 thoughts on “potato potahto lets call the hole thing off!!!

  1. What kind of weapon does Ike have there? That little guy sure packs a ton of equipment. I used to have a hedgehog stuffie. It was most fun to put it in my large and sloppy mouth and just make it go honk honk honk. I am so looking forward to our tennis ball replacements. I hope their heads are fastened on more tightly than the one on my stuffie.



  2. Wooos! I will play now if there are furry creatures to catch and chase, sound like fun count me in, in the meantime I will have Scampi return your balls…..
    Kira The BeaWootiful


  3. Hey, Popo and Baby girl would’ve totally attacked those ninja hedjogs for you. I’m not sure if you knew this but Popo and Baby girl trained in with Jackie Chan.


  4. Dennis, I KNOW that any dog reading this blog will be happy to send you a tennis ball, slightly used. Guys like Petey would probably send half a dozen. Just post your address and we will get started sending them right away. This is because the Ninja Hedgehogs will probably not hold up as balls the way tennis balls are made to. So while they may work for a short time, you will want tennis balls again soon.

    At your service,



  5. um, you could scrounge around in the bushes outside the tennis courts, theres usually a few stray tennis balls hiding in there. be sure not to reveal them until after youre done with those hedgehogs though


  6. The ninja hedgehog would make good replacement for the missing tennis balls… hehe. I like the pee shower threat and the bubble on sherlock pipe.

    Licks, hero


  7. Dennis
    I was scaiwed fow a moment thinking the toownament was called off..thank dog fow youw Quick thinking and umm, all ouw fwiends’ help in captoowing those ninja hedgehogs..i think they will be gweat weplacement balls..i hope they bounce
    smoochie kisses


  8. I thought about it and determined that the hedgehogs can be put to good use. Blow on them first though. Trust me, I used to live with one of those prickly balls (hint hint)


  9. I see many friends on your pictures
    like Norwood ….. lols
    Maybe I come visit you in real
    I can also pose for your camera 🙂
    Its sounds fun ….

    hugs Kareltje =^.^=


  10. Hey, why don’t you hit up Norwood for his Harry Funballs to replace the tennis balls woo lost?

    wild dingo

    pee ess: I said “harry funballs!” hahhahahahaha! (I admit, I amuse myself easily. i know this.)


  11. I think the ninja hedgehog substitution idea was brilliant! I wish I could have made it down there for the competition, but, uh, Mom and Dad seem to have to ‘dig us out’ each day before we can even venture down the driveway….

    *kissey face*


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