Only Six?

Now that I have cleverly dealt with that ghost who wanted to marry my sister Trixie, I am able to once again resume my duties around the university. My office is still being rebuilt after the Ghostbusters incident, and I am told that the Department of Automotive Studies needs my temporary office space back, so I have been moved yet again, this time to the Department of Parapsychology. Ironically enough, this is where they study, among other things, ghosts.

Given my light workload at the moment, I generously offer my services to Dr. Malcolm Crowe, the head of the department. He seems surprisingly reluctant to accept.

I am forced to unleashed my full powers of persuasion against him. Ha, I said “unleash”.

As always, determination and talent win out in the end! Dr. Crowe soon introduces me to a young test subject named Old King Cole, or possibly just Cole. Cole has a problem: He sees things no one else can see, just like Jack Burton after he drank that potion in the famous documentary “Big Trouble in Little China”.

My initial panic is allayed after Cole assures me that the dead people don’t want to hurt us. Evidently he knows different dead people than I do.

Dr. Crowe agrees to send me home with Cole so I can monitor him and attempt to determine the veracity of his claims. I get to enjoy a nice car ride home with Cole and his mother.

Once back at their house, I set about making myself invisible, so I can observe and report without interfering in their day to day activities.

After my investigation is finished, I return to Dr. Crowe to report my findings.

Hmm, Dennis the Vizsla: Paranormal Investigator. I like the sound of that. And I already have the primary characteristic required of any investigator: I never give up.

25 thoughts on “Only Six?

  1. Dennis the Vizsla: Paranormal Investigator does sound prestigious. What is up with the attire in the last photo though? You’re going to investigate with that cute face on? Nobody will take you seriously. You need to practice a more cryptic look. Good luck with all your future cases, you sure earned your title. BOL


  2. Dennis! You know how to whistle a tune? That is amazing, I’ll bet not one other dog here knows how to whistle!

    By the way, why do they keep that creepy little kid dressed up in a suit and tie all the time. He would be much less creepy in jeans and a sweatshirt!



  3. Hudson Hawk. Run away!

    Most excellent. That little kid creepy, but I agree that his mom sure doesn’t get it. Dead people. OK? What is so hard about that? It’s not like the kid sees dogs in hats whistling tunes or… oh.



  4. Hi, Dennis!
    Sooo… you never saw dead people while you were with Cole??
    Well… I know you are super skilled so maybe it was Cole’s imagination!
    Good job!
    Kisses and hugs


  5. Wooos Dennis, I think I have a job fur woo in the Mango Minster, woo can figure out how the paranormal Lacie is infiltrating the MFT! I think it has something to do with possession, like tin the Exorcist. I know,who can do an exorcism!


  6. Wow Dennis!

    We been a away a few weeks and how you’re a paranormal investigator. You sure are one capable clever fellow!

    Licks and wags the Dog WOods Pack


  7. First off, thanks for your support Dennis and gang! Now, the question everyone is asking…why did that annoying little kid and his mother not stop off at PetSmart? Looking forward to tonight’s guest celeb.!

    Benny “The Tank”


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