mango minster flyball rap up!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay we hav ben having all sorts of fun heer at the mango minster flyball turnamint playing unofishul flyball with owr replaysment flyballs aka the ninja hedjhogs!!!

their is a nice game of ninjahedjhogminton going on:

and amayzing feets of balanse and koordinayshun:

not to menshun displays of mad trakking and juggling skilz!!!

and ninja hedjhog rangling!!!

but then of korse my brother tucker has to rooin evrything:

wel i am shoor he wont let us hav enny more fun unless we let him eksplayn wot he thinks is going on so tayk it away tucker!!!

wot?!?!? that is the crazyest eksplanayshun ever!!! hoo duz tucker think i am trouble the kitty??? fortchoonatly khyra herself is heer to strayten him owt!!!

and so after menny teerful gudbize and mutch butt sniffing i say gudbye to my frends!!! thank yoo for partisipayting in the mango minster 2010 flyball turnamint!!! bye bye!!!

ok bye

Meanwhile …

31 thoughts on “mango minster flyball rap up!!!

  1. I am exhausted! That was like a total hour of activity for the Mango. I am glad Tucker solved the mystery. Plus I found out that hedgehogs are really fun.

    That Khyra talks funny. Maskherade indeed. Somebody needs to buy her a dictionary.



  2. Nice way to slide out of that one, Dennis! (Although we wouldn’t put it past Lacie to kidnap Khyra and try to sully her good name…) However, I am most concerned about Trouble’s latest shenanigans… But what I really want to know is what you did with all those hedgehogs…

    *kissey face*


  3. I still think that was a most attwactive dwess on that hedgehog

    I had a most intewesting time at youw competition..(did we win Dennis??)
    anyway, thank you fow putting up wif all of awe aways welcome at my house in NewYawk!
    smoochie kisses


  4. Those hedgehogs were totally scary! I am glad OC herded them so nicely. I can’t believe you were implicated in the whole Khyra Lacie mess. I don’t think you would ever do such a thing. Momma has explained it to me but I am still confused about who is real. I hope it is the nice one who will be at the estate when I get back there! Are you coming to Key West with me? Now that we have wrapped things up I better get back to see what the sporty dogs are up to!
    Say Dennis, who won? It was our team of course, right? It was loads of fun. I have heard of fly ball before but had no idea what went on there until now!


  5. I am sure glad I got there early to get a good seat, Thanks for the invitation Dennis!

    This was better than Kooza Cirque de Soleil! The Ninja Hedgehoges on the Wheel of Death!! Although I was really hoping for some exciting flyball….


  6. Mango is just jealous of my vokhabulary and my pawing!

    It is SOOOOOOOO nice to be out of the beastie khostume she khrammed me into!

    Happy to be ME again!



  7. I suspect we haven’t seen the last of this problem! Trouble looks up to no good to me!

    Dennis, I can’t believe they would implicate you like that! I’m sure if you were going to do genetic experiments, it would be on a cat or a hedgehog or an alien snail!



  8. Can somebody tell Tucker who really won? He looks and sounds confused. As for Mango complaining he’s tired from the activities, of course he is! I got tired from participating from the luxurious heat of my pad.
    Go ninjas…


  9. Glad the mystery’s solved… or is it? Yeah Khyra speaks weird, but I’m totally concerned about whatever it is that Trouble has up her silken hair sleeve – care to comment, Trouble?
    xo Sammie (and Ozzie, for that matter)


  10. Wooos! At least the paranormal mystery of MFT is solved! Scampi wants some of those hedgehog balls, an maybe me too, if they are tasty. Do they taste like squirrel???


  11. Sammie said Khyra speaks weird, but I don’t think she understands that Khyra speaks a Siberian language named after her. Her speaking isn’t half as bad as the spelling, but if you are patient you will eventually understand what she says, or most of it anyway.



  12. That looks like one fun competition Dennis! Good thing you only had a couple of terrier competitors since the balls used were “hedgehogs”!!!

    How do you talk like that Dennis? Is it a Vizsla thing or just you because you are Dennis the Vizsla?

    Love nibbles,
    Miss Sunshade


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