45 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: The Great Wall Of Mama

  1. I love this! I can relate… My Tucker and I used to spoon and then Bodi would sometimes curl up behind me and put his head on my hips! Love those times…


  2. I can’t help myself. All I want to comment on is the fact that your momma reminds me of my momma an awful lot. As for the sandwich, that’s reminiscent of my home too. We’re living parallel lives, Dennis.


  3. Dennis, perhaps you shouldn’t call your mama a wall. I’m just sayin’! Females are funny that way. We all like to curl up around Mom and Dad both when we can, though! You’ve trained your mom well to sleep with you like that. If I could work that out, Blueberry and I could both be a lot happier!



  4. Dennis
    I can’t believe you outted me! That khyra lacie beast was scury! And I always wanted to meet howard cosell. But you forget his best quote Sports is the toy department of human life…. maybe that’s why all the tennis balls disappeared.

    okay.. I hope you don’t have any visitors that try to climb the great wall of momma


  5. you have trained your mumster well, very well. just ensure she does not roll over ( as mine does and one of these days, she’ll flatten moi …)



  6. Oh, oh! We LOVE the great wall of mama! The great wall of dadda isn’t bad either, but we secretly feel that the great wall of mama has the edge (our mama is a bit squidgier than our dadda, he he he!) You can’t beat it can you? The snuggle factor! The feel of independant cuddling due to the great leg dividers! Ah, it’s the stuff of legends so we like to see other doggies ‘assume the position’ too, he he! Schnauzer snuggles – JD and Max.


  7. You know what we call that around here? PUPPY PILE! (only subtract one dog, add a daddy and a kid or two, and if there’s a THICK enough human layer, sometimes a cat will sneak into the mix as well)


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