kreetchers of nite brawt to lite!!! or dark as the kayse may be!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay chek owt wot wuz going on owtside owr howse the other nite!!! warning this may set yore dogs off if yoo hav dogs!!! and if yoo do not hav dogs maybe yoo wud like to borro my cranky brother tucker for a wile??? ha ha just kidding mama sez i am not allowd to sell or rent tucker owt ennymore krool krool mama ok ennyway heer is the viddyo!!!

i cannot beleev dada went owt their with that going on!!! oh shoor we hav a big fense but yippikayyayotes are nown to be verry resowrsful!!!

as for me i wuz hiding under the bed the hole time!!! ok bye

29 thoughts on “kreetchers of nite brawt to lite!!! or dark as the kayse may be!!!

  1. Hi Dennis! That is some pretty exciting stuff! Mom says that she has spent years watching documentaries on how to deal with coyotes. First have someone dress up in a roadrunner costumer (I would suggest Tucker, just in case things don’t go quite as planned) and then send the coyotes an ACME catalog. (She says that it helps if you live in an area where roads end in 1000-ft cliffs, but apparently that is not 100% necessary. Apparently giant magnets work very well. I have No Idea what she is talking about.) Me? I don’t blame you for hiding under the bed. I would hide under the bed, too, but there is like a billionth of an inch of space between the bed and the floor, and I don’t flatten out that much!

    *kissey face*


  2. Omg I used my headphones thinking the dogs wouldn’t go crazy if they couldn’t hear it..forgot about the sensitivity of dogs ears..they went nuts..even started nudging my headphones and barking at them..
    poor poor dennis..right out side your door.


  3. Dory says she is ready to go after them….and vocalized that thought when she heard your scary video. Bilbo?? Well he says ZZZzzzzzzzzz.

    I am with you Dennis, I would be under the covers for sure!!

    The Mama


  4. Oh my goodness, Dennis – what WAS all that noise?? My human says it sounded like the beginning of a very famous Michael Jackson song! 😆 What was it??

    Here in Australia, I have met a new kind of animal which comes out at night and makes funny loud squeaking noises too: giant fruit bats! They are huge! And they flap down really low from the trees when we go for our evening walk – they scare the hell out of me!!

    Honey the Great Dane


  5. Oh, boy, you did warn us, but I didn’t heed your warning. We all went NUTS over here. We live in coyote territory and we hear that often. It makes the few hairs on my neck stand up. Next time you warn, I’ll listen.


  6. Wow, Dennis. That was one dark and stormy night. Well, dark anyway. I can see why you hid under the bed. I would have done the same thing. Those coyotes can’t sing worth a dime, can they?


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