its the sunday awards and meem show feetchering speshul gest host pillsberry d’oh boy!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel with the dog blog wurld beeing fully engaydjd in mango minster at the moment things ar pritty slow on the awards and meem frunt i only hav wun award today and — wot??? the award is for trixie not for me??? inkonseevabul!!! let me verify that wun moment pleez!!!

hmm it seems that this award is in fakt for trixie!!! but i stil git to arrayndj for the speshul gest selbritty host so pleez welkum the pillsberry d’oh boy!!!

welkum d’oh boy ha ha yoo shoor ar a merry littel fello!!! i invited the d’oh boy to the show on akkownt of cupcakes beeing mayd of d’oh git it??? ha ha ha i kill me ok tayk it away trixie!!!

thank you dennis. that was very graciously done. this week’s award is the happy 101 award from our friend mack at mack’s mess.

thank you very much for this award, mack. the award comes with the following rules: first, state ten things that make you happy; then, pass it along to ten friends. here are ten things that make me happy:

  1. staring at the hillside for hours on end
  2. drawing up logistical charts and schedules of all the rodent activity i observed while staring at the hillside for hours on end
  3. barking at traveling salespeople, literature distributors, trick or treaters, and other intruders who trespass on my sidewalk
  4. staring at the hillside some more
  5. boy dogs
  6. belly rubs
  7. when dada gives me a hug and head bonks
  8. taking toys away from tucker and dennis
  9. walking in the ocean, because tucker and dennis won’t follow me there
  10. chasing rodents out of the yard

and now here are ten friends to receive this award.

  1. the beautiful stella who is the one who started calling me the beautiful trixie
  2. the beautiful khyra
  3. twinkie tiny dog
  4. mango man and dexter
  5. nala the ridgeback
  6. el’bow and hauwii
  7. sonic the dog
  8. my human friend terri
  9. teal’c from down under somewhere
  10. and the greyhounds of houndstooth4

i’m done now.  back to you, dennis.

ha ha thank yoo trixie that wuz almost as gud as wun of my own awards and meem show speshuls!!! and now for sum parting wurds frum owr speshul gest host the pillsberry d’oh boy!!!

hmm it appeerz that the pillsberry d’oh boy has buggerd off before the show wuz eeven over!!! hmmphf!!! see if i ever invite him bak to host another show!!! ok bye

30 thoughts on “its the sunday awards and meem show feetchering speshul gest host pillsberry d’oh boy!!!

  1. Awww, thanks for the award, Trixie! I think you definitely deserved it!

    Um, Dennis, I’ve heard that unbaked dough can expand in a dog’s tummy and make his tummy hurt, not to mention cause bad gas. I’d look for some Tums or Rolaids if I were you!



  2. Congratulations on your Award Dennis and well done with your tag.
    I like to steal toys from Bailey and I also like cuddles and belly rubs!
    I just wanted to let you know that the kitty cat is getting friendlier. She just hits me now but hasn’t scratched my nose in ages …… now that is progress! Don’t you agree?
    love and kisses
    Martha xxx


  3. Heh! I had a feeling that the D’oh Boy was going to uh, meet his maker (so to speak) in this post. Was he tasty? Personally I always thought he’d be a little rubbery, but you never know… Oh yeah, and congratulations to Trixie!

    *kissey face*


  4. Oh that was furry funny! TRIXIE! Congrats on that well-deserved reward! I love to do a lot of the same thingies you like to do! (And do look around for some Xantac – your siblings may need some of that.)
    xo Sammie


  5. Congrats and thanks to the Beautiful Trixie for sharing her award!

    Don’t worry about the Pillsbury D’oh Boy being eaten by Tucker. He is from Minniesnowda and there are millions of those guys around here.

    the beautiful Stella!


  6. Khongrats BeaWOOtiful T!

    Pawesome listing –

    I love to sit out and stare too – must be a fluffy tail thing!

    Thank woo fur sharing it with me!

    As fur Poppin’ Fresh, when Auntie Di and Unkhle Paul were wee pups, Mom bought them Poppin’ and Poppie Fresh toys!



  7. Oh, well, thank you, thank you, Dennis. I would like to thank the Academy, my friends and colleagues. … Watch, and now my sissy, Frankie’s going to start complaining she didn’t get the award.
    Congrats are in order as well


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