hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel as yoo may no my sister trouble the kitty wen she is not trying to destroy us dogs or tayk over the wurld or wotever likes to spend time as her alter ego a nineteen yeer old kitty hoo spends most of her time sleeping in her heeted cat boks wel i think her seekret identity must be blown becuz their has ben a rayd on her boks chek it owt!!!

oh gosh this is an unpressadented eevent!!! and boy trouble wuznt verry happy abowt it espeshly wen she notisd that i wuz their filming the hole thing in hopes of selling distribyooshun rites and garnering lots of yootoob hits!!! ummmmmmm i meen to mayk shoor her sivil liberteez wernt beeing violayted yeah thats the tikkit!!!

"What are those dogs doing in here?"
"I demand to speak to my attorney!"

wot cud be the reezon beehind this stunning abdukshun???  wot cud they be luking for inside troubles boks???  cud it be unsold bootleg seedees???

cud it be a stash of hi potensee kwote medical unkwote catnip???

fayk and defektiv avatar mertchandise???

i wil keep yoo posted!!! ok bye

38 thoughts on “rayd???

  1. She is certainly, rightfully, P.O.’d.
    I can only imagine Ali Z if this should happen to her. However, Ali Z said she wants a boks like Troubles with a drape down the front of it. Where can we get one of those?

    Take it easy, Dennis,



  2. Hey Dennis, I see I can search this under cat extraction or medicinal catnip. Who knew those were such popular topics. You better get rid of all that contraband lest you be taken downtime in the paddy wagon as an accomplice.



  3. Ummm, Dennis
    I think Twouble may have a vewy good couwt case wif the evidence you taped..I hope it’s admiss a bull in couwt even though it was done wifout paw mission.

    I can see Twouble was not at all happy wif this waid on hew pwivate quawtews
    hope all goes well fow hew
    smoochie kisses


  4. Oh Dear Trouble the Kitty,
    I do believe your personal space HAS been violated by your minion. Will they never learn? Please feel free to correspond with me to collaborate on new and innovative ways to train our minions in respect.

    Ever Yours,
    Charlie, The Cat


  5. Oh my goodness! Dennis, what is going on over there!!! Kitty not make nice faces… I would keep my distance with those snarly smiles!!!!
    Will check back for the update.

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose


  6. Your dad is not only mean, after leaving you last week when you looked so adorable, but he’s also insane or very brave! Wooooooo! I wonder what’s stashed in there?



  7. Dennis hey word of advice.. don’t mess with an old lady. it’s when you’re not looking– suckah punch! soooo keep the video rollin’.



  8. Wooos and Holy Cat! Cats can be scary, but that cat /human thing, that was terrifying…..Woo better watch out fur that one!


  9. I thought Medicinal Catnip usage was legal in CA!
    Dear Dennis’s Mama,
    Thank you so much for the advice about finding out which was Sammy turns — Based on the observations you suggested, I think he is mostly a right turner, tho he does occasionally turn left. We have class Wed. evening, so perhaps we can get to the bottom of things! I do appreciate the advice!
    Best regards,


  10. Dear Dennis
    I think any involvement with trouble require use of protective gear such as my elmer fudd hat…. in case she goes catistic. I’ll send it over. I think she’s just having a rave..the avatars are dancing all night to celine deon in 3d while smoking the medicinals. Kids.


  11. Hi Dennis, Tucker TMBTDVD, Trixie & Trouble & the fish. Oh & Hi to Dennis’s personal secretary too. The extraction went as well as could be expected. Dennis, did your Dada have a warrant though? Otherwise Trouble may get off on a technicality. I think he may have needed a bad fashion permit from the fashion police to appear worldwide in those pyjamas too. I haven’t seen her look that grumpy since the Amishgate High Priestess affair.


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