dont be sutch a pil!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel the mistry of wot is going on with trouble the kitty has only deepend as mama and dada hav ben ganging up on her and mayking her tayk a pil chek it owt!!!

wow luk at that!!! this is definitly aginst the lake jeneeva wiskonsin convenshun!!!

dada luvs trouble and that is why he tortchers her
"oh heck no!!!!"
oh heck no!!!
judo chop!!!!
judo chop!!!
nom nom nom nom nom

hey wow trouble why the big fuss??? wen i need a pil i just gobbel it down in butter or cheez or wotever it mayks it so mutch eezier!!! altho i hav herd dada say that if yoo try to giv trouble a pil in her fud yoo end up with an empty bowl with a pil at the bottom of it!!! ennyway wot sort of pil do yoo suppoze they ar giving her??? ar they happy pills???

hmmm probly not maybe they ar sad pills!!!

hmmm no that is silly why wood mama and dada giv trouble sad pills??? oh wayt i no wot it must be!!!

i am not entirely shoor wot this stuf duz but i no we git lots of ads for it in owr email so it must be sumthing gud!!! ennyway their is eeven more going on then just the pil so stay toond as my ekspozay into the repeeted violayshun of trouble the kittys kitty rights kontinyooz!!! ok bye

41 thoughts on “dont be sutch a pil!!!

  1. Hello Trouble, this is Milk and Tweet over at Daisy’s blog. We were wondering if you needed some assistance as we would be happy to come over and help deal with these kitty rights violations!!! In fact we even know of a good Kitty attorney if you need one!


  2. Hmmm. It seems to me that Trouble would have a whole battery of evil things she could use to retaliate against the Evil Pills. (Me? I don’t ever take pills. Sometimes Mom gives me globs of chunky peanut butter, but I don’t think she’s ever given me pills. TaiChi takes a lot of pills, but she doesn’t notice them in the peanut butter, as she is usually too busy trying to eat Mom’s finger…). I hope Trouble figures out a solution to this horrible treatment!

    *kissey face*


  3. we love the video! it is never easy to pill a cat. they will always lick their nose though when they have it down–did you know that?? til next time saige groucho and guinness


  4. Harrrr Dennis
    Yer Cap’n does not have a clue about the pils trouble gets Harrrr.
    Have ye seen me Rang Tang Harrrr?
    Cap’n Maverick the Pirate


  5. That looks like Trouble, Trouble, um, Trouble.

    I hope the little guy doesn’t have bad sickies or that your mama and dada are performing experiments. I also wonder why there was very little sound because I think I heard mama say, “Is it safe?”



  6. we are sorry Trouble has to take a pill. Sometimes for my kitties, mom crushes up the pills in a shot glass with the handle of a knife, and then mixes them with nutrical, (that really gooey vitamin stuff), and then just mooshes it in the side of their cheek. Its, funny to watch, because they can’t spit it out. HA!


  7. Hey Trouble – I know Dad and Ma would not be torturing you (since Dad loves Trouble so much) without some reason (???). Whatever you has, we hopes it gets better furry soon. (Good chop BTW)
    Hugs xo
    Ozzie and Sam


  8. Oh, the joy of getting a cat to take a pill. Hey, wait a minute, Mom has the same difficulty with Phantom, not TD – he will eat anything. Hope those pills are doing some good for T.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder


  9. Happy pills would be good for her. I guess she was happy that the pill ordeal was over.
    I’m glad to see the pyjamas have gone…


  10. I would be worried about Trouble a little if I didn’t know how smart she is.

    Ali Z would just say no, as many times as you needed to hear it, if you tried to give her a pill, which we have never had to do yet. Just if you want to give her a cheese treet, you gotta put it down on the floor, where she checks it out and pushes it around with her paws. Then maybe she will eat it. I know if it had a pill in it, she would find it at once and leave the whole thing lay on the floor. Then she would switch her tail and talk about trust and lack of same and leave the room.
    She is a rough customer is what she is.



  11. Dennis
    I think Twouble has a vewy good case to take befowe the intewnational couwt
    I think it’s somewhewe Vague? ow Hague?
    Hope the pilses wewe not the unhappy kind
    smoochie kisses


  12. A video of a kat being tortured. I always thought I’d like it–you have no idea what my katz put us through over here–but sadly, I didn’t. Not one bit. Poor kitty-kat. I’ll lick it and make it better. No bitting, I promise.


  13. Good grief! I thought Mom would fall off the couch laughing at this one! Who knows what is wrong with humans sometimes?

    I thought the last pills were going to look like the Smiley face from The Watchmen. Although maybe those are the pills Trouble has planned for your dad. I’d do a quick food sniff for him before he eats for the next few days if I were you, Dennis!



  14. Gywargh!!! I hate pills and meds! My brother Knuckles on the other hand, loves them. Pops calls him a junkie. Is that because he collects junk?



  15. Dennis you are too much! I don’t know what the trouble with trouble is. I just eat whats given to me no questions asked. So far this policy has paid off!
    You do look rather nervous on the trayn… I bet Trooper had to drive fast to get there so bet that was no fun!
    p.s. Momma wanted to know if you read Trouble all the package inserts about warnings and side effects. Momma does not like to take pills until she reads them so that may be the Trouble!


  16. looove you Dennis and you can’t imagine how much as

    1) you put a smile on mumster’s wet face as she’s worried about Max in SAfrica
    2) looove seeing kitties being tortured…, being nursed bol…..

    call me ANYTIME you need help….mumster is now ROTF and that’s an achievement, thanks



  17. oh gosh…I’m in shock now!
    This video is very interesting!
    Mammy said here it’s all about some vitamins…but…Dennis…I need to confess, I’m not sure, just between us okay.


  18. Dear Trouble,

    Your minions seem to be abusing you ‘for your own good’. Do not let them fool you. I too was forced to ingest foul concoctions by way of that nasty injector. To this day, that is NOT what made me better.

    My health improve through sheer feline superiority! If you need assistance in training your minions and minion canines, I would be happy to offer assistance.

    Ever Yours,
    Charlie, The Cat


  19. Dear Family of Trouble,
    As the Minion of Charlie, the Cat. You have my deepest of sympathies for Trouble’s lack of appreciation for your tender minstrations. Please know, we hope that Trouble will be fit as a fiddle soon.

    Leila & Quizz


  20. Actually, Lemon used to hate having to take pills too and my humans used to wrap her up in a towel to stop her wriggling and scratching while they put the pill in her mouth…well, I say “my humans” but it was really Hsin-Yi who did it all single-handedly coz Paul was too soft-hearted to hold Lemon properly and always ended up letting her go! But Hsin-Yi could grab her, pull her jaws open, push the pill in and then clamp her mouth shut – all with one hand! I was so scared watching her that I used to swallow my pill immediately when it came to my turn! 😆


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