seekret kitty ekspeeriment lab!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel my investigayshun into the misteeryus treetment trouble has ben gitting kontinyooz most reesently i hav diskoverd that trouble is beeing tayken to a seekret undisklozed fasility aka the bathrum and having stuf dun to her wile we dogs are lokd owt frum all the fun of watching her git tortcherd check it owt!!!

heer yoo can see that they hav set up sum sort of speshul taybel mayd owt of pigstyrofome to wurk on wile tortchering trouble:

sinister-luking ekspeeriment taybul with kreem cheez kontayner aksessory

oh wun can only imadjin wot sort of sinister aktivitee goze on in heer beehind clozed doors!!! wel akchooally wun duznt need to imadjin on akkownt of i hav snuk in a camra to reekord it!!!

hmmmm ok that duznt luk like tortcher but wayt!!! then mama gits into the akt!!!

hmmmm that stil duznt luk like tortcher but wot do they meen that step wun is to lok the dogs owt and step too is to brush the cat??? wot is step three???  i am stil koaming thru owrs and owrs or at leest minnits of futage to find owt so toon in tomorrow for the anser!!! ok bye

“Why is everyone being so nice to me? What’s in that bag? And who is that gorgeous kitty in the mirror?”

37 thoughts on “seekret kitty ekspeeriment lab!!!

  1. First of all, I love the cream cheese decorations in your wet room. Goes with every decor.

    I am not sure what Trouble is in for. That looks like fun to me. All getting brushed and rubbed and looking at yourself in the mirror. I think mama has a better technique. Really spiffed the little chap up.

    Good luck Trouble kitty.



  2. i think step three should be a jolt of static electricity jumping off kittys fur accompanied by a riff from an underground death metal rock band, but thats just me.

    cheers to kitty!


  3. I think Trouble is in Trouble….

    Oh and isn’t it funny that my name is Tucker and your brother’s name is Tucker and my evil kitty brother #1 is named “Troubles”….. weird.

    Do you have an Ellie in the family too?

    woof – Tucker


  4. I would stay under the radar for awhile guys….this could go anywhere. When the Mama gets involved something our Daddy is doing, bad always happens in our house.

    Good Luck Smileys!


  5. I bet that bag contains that long thing Mama jammed down her throat with a pill on it, was it yesterday?

    You guys feel left owt, but if you hang around, you might be next on the list for the long pill thing and brushing. I’d headout for the yard and get a little lost from them for an afternoon or so. I’m just sayin’!



  6. I just noticed that in the column entitled Recent Comments, that the comment I gave today has been attributed to a different Stella. It shows and her blog is called The World According to Stella.

    My blog address is; with no dot after www and the name of my blog is Stella’s World. Can you correct this? Its of vital importance to me that when someone clicks on my name, I am what they get!

    Cheers and thanks,



  7. awwww.trouble loves mama and dada.
    i was sitting here thinking, “wow, i can’t believe i’m watching a cat being brushed.” then….i hear, “i found the other antibiotic…stuck to the cat.” classic online viewing!


  8. Wooos Poor kitty, but it could have been much worse,it could have been me, and do I put up a huge fuss when being brushed, Mum thinks the local police will be called in for torturing a dog!


  9. Trouble, what is wrong with you – you aren’t supposed to sit there calmly and let the humans brush you – run as fast as you can – a bath must be next.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder


  10. Oh I think I could hear you guys outside the door begging to come in and help.
    Trouble looks really good now. It is pretty nice that you have a special room for kitty torture

    Mom always surprises me. It is so annoying.
    Happy day headbonkers


  11. I would like to believe, Dennis, that step 3 is lots of treats for the ones in jail. But I’m going to wait for you to tell us what really happened.


  12. Wow! what a grooming you got. You look beautiful. It looked like you were enjoying the brushing. We wonder what the next step is, and we for sure are tuning in tomorrow.
    Peanut and Marshmellow


  13. Trouble sure does seem to be enjoying that brushing! 🙂 But I am still lost as to what the pills are for…hmmm? At first I thought your dad said he found the last pill stuck to the cat and then I played it back and realized he said cap. 😉



  14. Dennis, you should be ashamed of yourself. Jealously will get you nowhere. I know you wish it were you on the sink cover. Maybe if you learned how to meow, you might get the same treatment.


  15. Trouble doesn’t seem so tough and dangerous whilst being pampered!

    I laughed my head off when James mentioned where the missing antibiotic pill was!


  16. Dennis- They must be getting her all ready for you to chase her and roll her in the dirt. I mean, otherwise how could they ever tell how much fun she had when it was done. Your friend, Maggie.


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