heer be needels

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel heer we ar at the final instalment of my investigayshun into the misteeryus treetment wot trouble has ben gitting warning wot yoo ar abowt to see may mayk yoo go skweeeeeeeee!!!  it involvs sharp poynty objekts and not only that it involvs needels!!!  but oh first dada wants me to say a disklaymer that this is not an instrukshunal viddyo and he duznt hav enny speshul trayning and he is not a vet and blah blah blah oh shoor dada as if ennywun wood mistayk yoo for a vet wen the site of a needel mayks yoo cry like a baby!!! ok heer goze dont say i didnt warn yoo!!!

ok yoo hav alreddy seen the prep wurk witch i gess is brushing the kitty to mayk her feel relaksed and komfortabul before the reel tortcher begins now heer ar sum other things wot ar reekwired for this treetment: first yoo need moose hefner to soopervize:

“Where are the lady mooses at?”

then yoo need an elevayted bag of flooid stuf:

and yoo need a homemayd sharps kontayner in this kayse a kreem cheez kontayner wot is taypd shut and has a cross cut thru the lid to form a wun way opening:

duz NOT kontayn yummy kreem cheez!!!

and of korse yoo need a needel:

luks harmless!!!

hmmmm that needel luks a littel bit blunt

enlardjd to show horrifying deetayl!!!!

aiiiiieeeeeee poynty!!!!! but shiny!!!! ok seeryusly nice reederz in this nekst viddyo that shiny poynty thing gits put to yoose so avert yore eyez now if yoo do not want to see it!!!

hay trouble how do yoo feel after gitting sub … subkyoot … ummm shot up with flooids????

hmmm dada shoor duz babbel a lot wen he is nervus!!! but at leest he kan properly dispoze of yoozd sharps!!!

wel ennyway that is wot trouble is gitting dun a kuple times a week now i hakd into her medikal rekords and it sez she has a bladder infekshun and slitely elevayted kidney valyooz so the pils and sub … subkyoot … flooids under the skin to help her defeet the infekshun i hope she feels better soon so she can go bak to her yoozhual cranky self!!! ok bye

44 thoughts on “heer be needels

  1. That was furry interesting to watch, and am impressed that you know how to apply needles to fur creatures with water balloons attached. I hope Trouble feels waay better soon and that those fluids will help heal her inflections.
    Kisses to Trouble and Pats to everybuddy else there xo
    Ozzie and Sammie


  2. Oh dear, poor Trouble. We hope she gets better soon so she doesn’t have to endure that although I must say she did quite well. What a trooper. 🙂 Give her a kiss for us as much as it pains you Dennis. 😉

    Kisses to you too,


  3. Caesar and Prinnie usta get flooids. I think when you get old you get stabbed more
    It does look quite horrific. Pooooor Trubble
    I hope she feels better with the flooids.



  4. Oh mom had to do this with a cat named Homey that was very old and had kidney failure. She did it 3 times a week for about 6 months or so. Homey didn’t seem to mind, and it made him feel better. I never met him, He went to the bridge before I came to live with mom.


  5. Dennis,
    It sounded like there was a dolphin outside the door in the beginning of that movie (I was going to say Porpoise but couldn’t figure out how to spell it).

    I think mama had to work up her courage to put that needle in, but she did a good job I guess, but I am worried that maybe your mama and dada are drug pushers and Touble has developed some sort of habit. I have heard about many humans who go bad after they start using needles.


    P.S. Dexter wants to say that he hopes Trouble feels better soon (huh?) is Trouble sick? I did not see any sick kittie, just a recently brushed getting attentions from mama kittie.


  6. Oh, we are so sorry for Trouble! My mom had to do those fluids with my sister Misty a year ago. Misty was very ill with kidney failure, and had one kidney even removed 3 years before that. WE are purring and purring for you, Trouble!


  7. Trouble is really a good girl to allow your Mama to needle her.I can’t even imagine if my Mom had to do that to Ali Z, she would have to get a knockout pill in her first!

    Wishing Trouble good health very soon, and back to her old conniving ways!



  8. Trouble, good luck. Hang in there. Meanwhile, Dennis, you should know that the last couple of times I’ve visited your blog, our kitties run for cover. Thanks.


  9. Whoa…this is some serious stuff, Dennis!! I’m glad you explained at the end why Trouble was getting all this special treatment coz Hsin-Yi was totally confused and panicking about why your humans were sticking needles and injecting your kitty full of water!!! 😛

    Honey the Great Dane


  10. My Mom has had to do this quite a bit with older foster cats – sticking the needle in is always the toughest part – but they do feel better – I hope you feel better soon Trudi…I mean Trouble!

    Love, Sadie Mae


  11. Welcome to Mom’s world! TaiChi gets fluids almost every day (as soon as she saw the bag of Normosol, she knew what was coming), and yes, sticking the needle in is the hardest part, but TaiChi always seems to feel better once she gets the fluids. It still doesn’t look like much fun to me! BTW, Mom is very impressed with your Dad’s improvised sharps container!

    *kissey face*


  12. We has been watching intently to see why Trouble was having troubles. I am so sorry she is sick.. we are going to purr lots and lots that she feels better real quick :))


  13. Wow, we are having to revive our hu-dad who even looks the other way when he gets a flu shot. Considering all of the crazy things he has done, you would think a little needle would be irrelevant. Oh well. Get well Trouble so you can be back to maximum trouble making capacity.


  14. That was a long prep for Trouble. My mom has done that to lots of doggies but says she can’t imagine doing it to a cat. We hope it help Trouble feel better fast.

    love & wags,


  15. We are impressed! she is so good to just sit there. Our human sister had a kitty who had to get subcutaneous fluid once a week, but sister couldn’t do it herself. Felix would spend some time at the vet’s getting his liquid fix. Hope Trouble does well.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder


  16. Hi Trouble and Dennis
    You are a good kitty. Whoa. Mom used to give injections to her previous dog- she called him her pin cushion. I don’t think it was a term of endearment. do u?


  17. Pooor kitty! She is very brave! I would be way too suspiscious to allow any of that non-sense. I hope she gets better soon.
    p.s. I have been meaning to ask why there are not more lady mooses on your blog. It is the only thing missing 😉


  18. wowsers that is some serious business going on in that bathroom. Do you guys also have a seal that yelps a lot? I mean, what is that noise??

    We hope Trouble feels better soon.


  19. Oh Golly Gosh & Good Grief I can’t believe your Dada is brave enough to stick the needle into Trouble all by himself. I could never do that to Dixie. I think I would black out or something. I get weird just gutting fish let alone sticking needles into live cats. AAAIIIIEEEEE!!!!!!!


  20. It’s OK to use a natural treatment for dogs right along with the antibiotic. In fact, these therapies work well together. The antibiotic kills the bacteria causing the infection, while the natural treatments support bladder health without interfering with how the antibiotic works.


  21. Aawwww Trouble sweet kitty just like Alex getting the IV. Funny after Alex gets his treatment he races around the house with lots of energy. Our kitty at first was a little jealous he was wanting some too. I told him trust me buddy you don’t want any of this.


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