Even Bigger Trouble In Little China

Having received a magic potion from the ancient magician Egg Shen, we are preparing to seek out Lo Pan and end his reign of terror.  In addition to the potion, Egg Shen also offers to supply us with a frightening array of weaponry.  Surely when confronted with such an arsenal, Lo Pan will surrender without a fight!

But suddenly our session of male bonding over weaponry is interrupted:

Jack Burton reveals our plan to Gracie Law, with disastrous results. I attempt to rectify the situation, using my knowledge of ancient languages as a sort of coded message, but to no avail.

His confidence in the magic potion shattered, Jack Burton suffers a profound transformation:

And as if that were not bad enough, Lo Pan’s minions, the Three Storms and their sidekicks, choose this moment to attack!

With Jack transformed into a nerd and myself hiding under the bed from those terrifying hats, the fight turns into an utter debacle — Egg Shen’s forces are routed, and in the chaos, the Three Storms abduct Gracie Law and the not-yet-seen-on-camera Miao Yin. Disaster! Doc Crowe will never give me another assignment if I cannot rectify the situation! But do that, I will need Jack Burton back the way he was, as the confident, adventurous truck driver; and now that he knows that Red Bull is not really a magic potion, how can I accomplish that? How can I make him release his fearless inner hero?

I hope this works! But if not, I will rescue Gracie Law and Miao Yin by myself — because I am Dennis the Vizsla, and I never give up!


20 thoughts on “Even Bigger Trouble In Little China

  1. Go, Dennis the Vizsla. We know you never give up. As a matter of fact, we’re all counting on you to save the world. Where can I get a weapon to turn my enemies into chickens? I need one to defend myself from the gnarly raccoons in my hood.


  2. Hai Dennis! Yoo is so brave, I is not sure Id be able to face dem scary men in big hats. Opps scuse me do yoo has a towel I um piddled on da floor a little?


    I is Jake!


  3. Dear Dennis’s Mama,
    We have ended up abandoning Fly Ball for the moment… the class we signed up for was on Wed. nights and it was just too far away from our house and ran too late at night. BB wants to be involved naturally, and she was ending up in bed at 10:30 — too late for a school night! It was fun and Sammy seemed to like it, so we will try again when school is out.
    Best regards,


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