31 thoughts on “Overheard Around The House

  1. I know this is offpoint, but how and where is Trouble? And onpoint: Trixie – you are so, so wise. Like Laurie says – the walkie-talkie men are monsters! Be careful pups!
    xo Sammie


  2. My dear friend Dennis,
    I think someone there is having an awful nightmare, don’t worry about it.
    Anyway…Just in case, you can be my guest here okay!
    It’s so cold and we can take a nap together in my pink blanket, it’s really warm and comfortable!
    You are welcome! 🙂
    purrs and always love
    your friend


  3. I just hope the Beautiful Trixie gets out before the trouble or before Trouble starts trouble!

    Trouble is probably feeling better after her meds and shots and is ready to rip into something.



  4. You guys better wake up and see what’s going on. I hope disaster isn’t coming. You could visit us but the chihuahuas have never accepted thay are pee-wee’s. They try to eat big dogs. It would not be a good thing.



  5. oh bother… Don’t they know to let sleeping dogs lie? And Cloverfield? Wikipedia had to help me on that one but yes, I now see the similarities! Momma did not capture it with the camera but Squeaky moose suffered a fate very similar to that shown for the statue of Liberty on the Cloverfield wiki page. He was beheaded! There were antlers and such everywhere!


  6. I think everything will be ok, the FBI guys are probably just in the neighbourhood looking for garage sale bargains, which is why they brought a big truck. I couldn’t imagine anything going wrong in the quiet boring existence of Dennis, Trixie, Tucker TMBTDVD & Trouble


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