Everybody Wing Kong Tonight

While Lo Pan’s minions pillage Little China, I am losing valuable time trying to restore Jack Burton’s confidence with another “magic” potion. He has already rejected the magical powers of Yoohoo, but fortunately, I have a few more options under my hat. Surely one of them will do the trick … but unfortunately, when in nerd form, Jack is very fussy.

Despite my best efforts, Jack refuses to try any of the “magic potions” I offer him, and soon the refrigerator is almost empty. All that’s left is a single bottle of Mountain Dew Code Red, and Jack is even suspicious of that. As I try to persuade him to drink it, a noise from the back of the building attracts my attention.

Leaving the annoyed Jack, I go to investigate the noise, only to discover that the Wing Kong’s Three Storms have penetrated the building’s defenses! It is four against one, and with their mystical powers and amazing high-kick ability, the odds are against me. But as I prepare for a hopeless last stand against their relentlessly huge hats and pointy shoes, a voice breaks through the tense silence.

Whirling, I discover that Jack Burton has once again become a heroic, if sweaty, truck driver! And in the nick of time!

It is still two against four, but Jack is on such a sugar high, he is as strong and as fast as five men all by himself!

With Jack in command, we make short work of the three Storms and the Rockette. But just when victory seems to be at hand, a new player enters the arena:

It is Lo Pan himself! And he is so tough, he has a giant spike driven through his hat! Things look very grim now, but we will fight on — because I am Dennis the Vizsla, and I never give up!


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