its the sunday awards and meem show valentines day edishun!!! feetchering gest host kyoopid!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay welkum to another edishun of the sunday awards and meem show!!!  and sinse today is the birthday of the mithical saint roodolph valentino i hav brawt in a verry speshul gest host pleez welkum evrywuns fayvrit cherub of luv yes thats rite its kyoopid!!!

ha ha kyoopid is trying to keep a low profile by klayming to be sumbuddy else shoor shoor yoo ar rambo i git it wink wink!!!! ok lets git started with the awards and meems and wotnot first we hav the spotlite award frum nun other then the purple hatter!!!

i wood like to tern this spotlite on a kuple of my frends:

thanks so mutch purple hatter!!! hay kyoopid do yoo hav enny luv advice for my nice reederz???

ok nekst up is the sunshine award wot i got frum too frends doraz and tasneem!!! thanks yoo guys!!!

now akkording to the roolz of this award i must pass it along to twelv frends so lets see i got it twice that meens ummmmmm multiply by too and kerry the wun ummmmm i think i hav to giv it to 144 peepul holy kow!!! and i am not going to giv it to my snowluving frends on akkownt of the sunlite mite melt there beluved snow!!!  ok heer goze:

  1. my gud frend and pink daisys bff dozer the dog hoo luks like daisy!!!
  2. the hard wurking mango momma!!!
  3. checkers the peekapoo hoo cud yooze sum sunshine to mayk him feel better!!!
  4. the airedales of airedale heaven this sunshine is for yore dada guys may he rest in peace!!!
  5. my frends at thawts for paws this is for theodore to lite his way akross the rainbow bridj!!!
  6. dory of backyard fame!!!
  7. nooter the dog!!!
  8. she hoo must be seekret and anonymus!!!  shhhh dont tel her i menshund her!!!
  9. cocorue the chihuahua!!!
  10. the poodle and dog blog!!!
  11. my noo frend hoo jingles!!!
  12. joey and kealani heer in sunny sandy eggo!!!
  13. scout and freyja hoo luv for a living!!!
  14. kareltje the creamsicle kitty!!!
  15. benny hoo is a tank!!!  but not like arktik fokses tank!!!
  16. goodbear in sunny aridzona!!!
  17. joe stains and tanner also in sunny aridzona!!!
  18. amber the sunny ridjbak!!!
  19. just making convo!!!
  20. the reesently reeternd and stil mad tony!!!
  21. boo-bah the littel sunshine!!!
  22. brisztow jones this sunshine is for yore impending puppies!!!
  23. lorenza to chayse away that chilly rain!!!
  24. terri to melt the snow off her car!!!

whew i no i sed i had to giv this to 144 frends but i am worn owt and just cant do it!!! hay kyoopid how can we keep up the rudolf valentino speerit after sutch hard wurk on a list of frends???

ok up nekst is the if it mayks yoo happy it cant be that bad award frum my frend tucker the great dane!!!

now as yoo may remember i hav dun this award and so has trixie and so i am going to let my brother tucker hoo is not a great dane do it this time tayk it away tucker tel us ten things wot mayk yoo happy!!!

Thank you Dennis.  Hello, good readers.  Here are ten things that make me happy, or that would make me happy if they were to happen. There might be a reward for anyone who makes things that would make me happy if they were to happen, happen.

  1. Nursing on my fleece toys.  Mama and dada call this “doing sucky man” which for some reason makes them giggle.
  2. When Dennis disappears for long stretches of time, especially if mama is home so I can sit on her lap undisturbed.
  3. Eating things that happen to fall off the counter.
  4. Sleeping.
  5. Chasing Dennis off the bed.
  6. Barking at Dennis.
  7. Seeing Dennis’s face on the side of a milk carton.
  8. Treats.
  9. Solving mysteries.
  10. Going out to the store to meet and greet my adoring fans.

hay thanks tucker that wuz sooper altho i am not shoor why i wood end up on the side of a milk carton ok now tucker has to pass this along to ten frends go ahed tucker!!!

Thank you again, Dennis. I will give this to the following friends:

  1. The Good Dog Blog, in honor of their Rainbow Bridge vizsla who was also named Tucker.
  2. Life With Dogs who knows all about life with dogs.
  3. Cindy of the house with two cats, because our house used to have two cats.
  4. Martha and Bailey Basset, to help keep Bailey’s tail up in the air where it belongs, and also to convince Bailey not to represent Dennis during his HIPAA trial.
  5. Douglas the Vizsla who reminds me of me at that age
  6. Cosmo and Clover the two barking dogs
  7. The Rose Jugglers, in exchange for their not testifying on Dennis’s behalf during his HIPAA trial
  8. Sammie Golden the snow dog
  9. The pugs of Manicdote
  10. And the lovely Pennycat

ha ha thank yoo tucker ummm i think yoo mite be trying to konspire aginst me their but i am not shoor!!! say kyoopid wot do yoo think abowt konspiring on rudolf valentinos birthday???

ha ha yes the bazooka of love wil tayk kayr of that for us!!! ok now on to the last award it is the freakin fabyoolus award from doraz!!!

thank yoo doraz yoo ar freakin fabyoolus too!!! i wood like to pass this along to three frends just like doraz did:

and thats a rap!!!  thank yoo for joyning us on the rudolf valentino edishun of the sunday awards and meem show!!!  kyoopid do yoo hav enny parting wurds of luv for owr luvly frends???

lets giv a big hand to owr gest host kyoopid!!! thanks kyoopid!!! ok bye

29 thoughts on “its the sunday awards and meem show valentines day edishun!!! feetchering gest host kyoopid!!!

  1. My, Rambo is looking quite winsome. And Jerry the Rhodesian Fridge Snack wants to know… does Dennis actually OWN a plastic Rambo? Because Jerry wants one too. Or if not a plastic Rambo, then a hotdog. Actually, just the hotdog. PLEASE.


  2. Boy…that guy does not have a clue! LOL 🙂
    You all are amazing! I do love when you are all recognized for the GREAT friendship and support you give to ALL of your friends! I am very happy I am one of them! CONGRATS to you all and CONGRATS to EVERYONE you all passed the awards on to!

    Watch out for those strange people out your way!

    Thank you for passing on that great award to silly me! 🙂


  3. Hi Dennis, Happy Valentine’s Day to you and all your family.
    Congratulations on your Awards. Well done with passing them on and doing the tag! Very nice to remember the Mango Momma who has worked so very hard.
    Thank you for remembering us with the Sweet Friends Award.
    We are still working on Bailey’s tail – she is not her usual little waggy self.
    Martha & Bailey xxx


  4. Uh, I have a problem Dennis. Last week I promised Pink Daisy I would give her an award because she was feeling kind of low about she had a Sunday Award show but no awards. I was glad to see you gave her one, but she needs one from me too. So will you give her one of your awards (you have so many) from me, Stella?

    I know you will, won’t you? Be a sweetheart on Valentines Day and do this one thing.

    Thenk you furry much,



  5. Dennis, out of everything I read on your bloggy today I think what will stick with me furever is knowing that your sibling likes to do suckie face on stuffies☺☺☺ Happy Valentine’s Day to a furry special boy!


  6. Happy Valentine’s Day, Dennis!

    Oh, the pictures of “Cupid” as he kept getting more and more into costume had us totally in giggles! Perfect use of subterfuge there, Dennis!



  7. Hay Dennis thanks fer that award! I have not getted wun in a long time but thats prolly cause I have not bin around fer a wile! And you are rite it is very sunshiney here so the award you choosed is partikularly apropriet!!

    Happy Valentimes Day! I heer you is sposed to let that Kyupid guy shoot you in the butt with an arow so you will be in luv. But it looks like that arow will hert espeshully if it is on fyre(!!!) so I do not rekomend it this time.

    Yer pal Dozer


  8. Gosh! Thanks for the lovely award! I’ve hung it on the wall of my Accolades! page. I’m glad you got the Rambo action figure to put on a shirt! I think if HE shot somebody, they’d know it!


  9. oh oh so Rambo’s ‘comeback’– could we call it Cupbo? Rampid? let’s see…

    Happy Valentine’s Day!
    lots of kissies,

    *Big Mac my long-lost brah?! maybe.. except there’s message saying he’s left the shelter. not sure if that’s a rut roh..


  10. Hi Dennis and Tucker friend! Wow, Tucker thanks for the award! I am super excited. Congratulations on all of your awards Dennis. I like your cupid. He looks a lot like this statue downtown near the art museum that I like to pee on.


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