the sekund battel of the bed!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay unfortchoonatly i do not hav time to post an updayt to my leegal sitchooayshun on akkownt of dada has to go to wurk erly for sumthing calld a go live wotever that is and so i hav deesided to post a viddyo of happyer times arownd the howse yes its the sekund battel of the bed!!! wel akchooaly their hav ben menny menny battels of the bed but this is the sekund wun to be kawt by war jurnalists chek it owt:

woo akshun pakd!!! lets go to the stils!!!

"i am trying to sleep!!!!!!"
"mmmmm braiiiiinnnnnssssss!!!!"
throw me the stuffie i throw you the whip!!!
the v stands alone the v stands alone hi ho the derry o the v stands alone

and thus ends the sekund battel of the bed!!! ok bye

37 Comments on “the sekund battel of the bed!!!

  1. NOTHING like that ever happens at our house. Well, hardly ever. Or only about eleventy-billion times a day. *Walks away whistling innocently*

    *kissey face*

    PeeEss from TaiChi: This is exactly why I’m leaving home. No offense, but I don’t think I’ll be visiting you anytime soon!


  2. Your battle for the bed is different from ours! Blueberry and I try to keep Mom and Dad from getting to the bed, but I notice that you and I have some of the same moves, Dennis! I didn’t think it was very nice of Trixie and Tucker to team up against you, but Tucker sure looks proud of himself in the end!



  3. That Trixie can really move when she needs to. I did not know Tucker was a zombie dog.



  4. Tucker is King! Long live the Tuckster!

    It seems Trixie believes Tucker should be the Lord of the Beds as well. Do I see an epic in the making?


  5. Ah yes here we see the living embodymint of the frase Hard Werk is Its Own Reward! And how rewarding it wuz for Tucker!!

    The rest of the moral is up to persunul interpretashun but I sugjest Its Not the Size of the Dawg in the Fite Its the Bark of the Dawg in the Fite. Or mebbe You May Have Lost the Battle But You Also Lost the War.

    Yer pal Dozer


  6. Boy I’m glad I don’t have to compete for the bed. Momma complains about having to compete for covers with Dad and I though.

    woof – Tucker


  7. That’s one hell of a battle for the bed… and I like the ramp thingy beside the bed… very convenient… *note to my hoomans*

    Licks, hero


  8. Is that a ramp we see by the side of your bed Dennis? Or a once upon table with half its legs – casualty of your bed battles?


  9. We just love those battles of the bed. Mom says that is exactly why we don’t get to sleep in the beds. We almost put the headboard through the wall when we start the war.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder


  10. Wow – you guys look like you’re having so much fun!! Am not allowed on the beds at all…although I think if I jumped on a bed like you, it would break the springs! 😆

    Hmmm…Tucker seems to be just standing up there, shouting instructions! 😛 And you’re such a tease, Dennis!

    Honey the Great Dane


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