39 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Meet The New Bed

  1. You no likey the new bed? It looks comfy! Of course your old one does too but then I will sleep anywhere. Momma got me one of those bolster beds once and I would put my butt on the bolster part and hang my head out the front so it could rest on the floor where I like it!


  2. New beds can be scary until they had been tried out by other dogs in the house! I know this from experience…I say let Trixie lay in it first and THEN show interest!



  3. Believe it or not, Dennis, we’re ALL with you. All three in my pack dread the new wonderful beds our M brings us. Same funny reaction, but we didn’t know we were funny ’till we saw you. BOL


  4. Oh! awwwww Dennis!!! that is suuuuch a nice bed wowiewowie.
    I wish I had a bed like that. I could have sleep overs and stuff
    Just thinking about that makes me bonk with happiness


    and furthermore: b o n k



  5. awwww Dennis, i loooove U as you’ve shown mumster that not everyone loves a new bed and $$$$$ can’t buy her love bol…..

    pee ess: someone mentioned that you gave me an award and i’m trying to look for it. please excuse me for being so rude as not to thank you for it ……but i honestly didn’t know, sorry


  6. Denni
    I think its in the wong spot nd you need to put a fw of yoow accessowies all ovew it and it has possibiliite…dont
    give up on it, it may pwoove to be a winnew despite its pwistine appeawance,

    Taylow got to use his wheels almost a yeaw..O hopeit game him chances fow explowation and pleasoowe andbeing abld to be out wif the pack
    smoochie kisses


  7. Hey Tucker well after that loverly battul you had on the big peeple bed a few days ago I kin see why you would not want to settul fer sekund best. But I am not shore why you are therefore settuling fer thurd best…

    Yer pal Dozer


  8. Oh hugs Dennis,
    My human and I went through this. She wanted me to sleep in the new dog bed too. I just ignored her and went back to sleep in the laundry basket where I’m supposed to sleep.
    Hang in there. At least your human hasn’t taken you camping out there in wilderness like my dog mom. I was so happy to be back home that I did the “Happy Dog Dance” for a whole 15 minutes.

    Hug and hang in there.

    Domi (Author Ann’s dog)


  9. Holy orange puppy fur! You could be my twin in that picture. If you take the bed then I can have the blankies, which are so nice to wrap up in. Maggie the Viszla (hey is that an old kerosene heater in the background?)


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