Still More Trouble In Little China

Having fought our way free of the Three Storms, Jack Burton and I now face Lo Pan himself.  Can we prevail against this 2,000 year old evil sorcerer and his intimidating hat?  If not, it won’t be because we didn’t try!

As we move in for the attack, Lo Pan opens his mouth and reveals himself to have even more powerful breath than my brother Tucker:

With my quick vizsla reflexes, I am able to avoid the worst effects of this unexpected ploy, but Jack is not so fortunate and is blinded by the light. Lo Pan takes the opportunity to flee into his subterranean lair, no doubt hoping to lure us into a trap — a trap that we have no choice but to spring. We follow him into the watery sewers, with my keen nose leading the way.

Following my unerring sense of direction, Jack and I soon emerge in Lo Pan’s underground lair. Or possibly Las Vegas.

But despite Lo Pan’s attempt to distract us with his all-you-can-eat buffet, Jack and I are undeterred from our mission!

Unfortunately it turns out that Lo Pan’s magical powers are all too real, as he strikes Jack with a devastating spell!

It seems that our mission will end in disaster, when suddenly …

Oooh, fetch! I love fetch!

It turns out that the nail in Lo Pan’s hat was the only thing keeping him from self-destructing!

Now that we have dealt with Lo Pan, Jack and I are able to rescue our friends and complete our mission:

Yes, once again Dennis the Vizsla has emerged victorious against the forces of evil! I can now return to Dr. Crowe with a successful report!

And so we see that even when things look their darkest, and your only ally is being disintegrated by a Wiimote, things will still turn out just fine as long as, like me, Dennis the Vizsla, you never give up!


19 thoughts on “Still More Trouble In Little China

  1. Bravo Dennis and Jack, another evil-doer bites the dust!

    Pee Ess. We finks da mowse woz verry enhungered and shortsited, wich maed da leppard so serprized she diddent kno how to reakt, heehee! Luvs, Alfie and Simba :)xxx


  2. I wonder if they had Sushi on that buffet, or Moo Goo. It looked good to me, too, Tucker!

    Another tyrant with the air out of him! Makes you feel good, doesn’t it? Well forget it, those bad guys grow on trees out there.



  3. Big Havoc in Little China, but of course! Dennis was there. But now peace is restored and we know by now that Dennis never gives up. OMD Dennis, I saw the most gorgeous Vizsla today and I thought of you.


  4. Dennis….Dennis the Visla….I’m singing! My brain wrote You a theme song! Hilarious. Seriously. I’m reading this and a song started circling my psyche! You rock, Sir Dennis! Hell, we ALL just might start wearing Fedora’s to be like You! 🙂


  5. Dennis, thank you so much for being such a furry good HERO to all! You are so selfless and brave!

    Our momma wants to know how you got Kurt Russell to be so young! If there is a recipe, she wants it☺


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